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Reports and BC Ratings for BAWS U 2014

Remember as you read the reports and see the BC Ratings that I saw the players over a brief three days. That is a VERY small sample size. I think ALL players can do something good on the field and I am always looking for what they CAN do, not just seeing the obvious things they CAN'T do. As for the BC Rating, a 1 or 2 does not crush a player, it just means that if I was still a college coach then I would not prioritize that player as a recruit at this stage of development. There are players who will get a 1 and 2 rating and someday they will be good college players who will make me look foolish for the rating (and I hope they do).

H-1B = Home to 1st base running time, OH = overhand 

Basically, if I was still working in D1 baseball, here is what my ratings mean:

5 = Gotta have him! Impact player/talent, going to take a big scholarship to get him and there will be heavy competition to get this player.

4 = Like this player a lot, he's a good player/talent now, we also think he will keep improving and we would like to have him in our program.  I would offer him some amount of scholarship now with the hope that we get him.

3 = Interesting player, there is definitely something there.  This player has some tools (but is also pretty short on at least a couple of tools) or playability or a little of both.  There's a chance for bigger things down the road when he matures physically or the tools get more polished (meaning perhaps he's a bit raw).  Definitely keep him on the radar as a back-up plan if we don't get our desired players at his position.  I can imagine another school possibly offering him at some point.  Get to know more about him and keep close tabs on him in case he starts to jump to another level.

2 = There isn't enough right now to keep this player on our active recruiting list but he's a solid player.  We would let him try to walk-on and perhaps he could provide valuable roster depth.  He's likely best off going the JC route to continue developing or focusing on a lower division of four year college baseball.

1 = Not enough for us to follow this player at this time