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BAWS U 2014 - North Bay

Maria Carrillo HS 1B Jo Bynum

Dominic Burke (2016, RHP, 5'11" 140, 3.0 GPA) San Marin HS (BCR - 3) – Lean body, loose arm, good athlete on mound, overhand slot, quite aggressive to zone, good command with fastball and curveball, good late break on curve, 11/5 shape, stuff should jump with physical maturity. FB 77-79, CB 65-68

Dawsen Bacho (2016, C/1B, R/R, 6'1" 170, 3.5 GPA) San Marin HS (BCR - 4) – Big tools that are prioritized for catching prospects, big arm and has power, excellent thrower, quick release, good feet, accurate too, has raw power and bat speed, needs to stay in middle of field better. Pop-times: 1.97-2.12

Ryan Tolley (2017, INF, R/R, 5'10" 165, 3.26 GPA) American Canyon HS (BCR - 2) – Young player with some good size, solid arm will improve with better throwing mechanics, slings it a bit, loads well as a hitter, showed strength, swing plane should flatten out, too many balls in the air, some tools are there.

Peter Armusewicz (2016, SS, R/R, 6'2" 185, 3.6 GPA) Marin Catholic HS (BCR - 3) – Has some tools, good playability within the game, agile defender, smooth feet, heady and good decision maker, arm is loose and projects to be abv avg, hands work in swing, little pull conscience, good size, good player.

Erik Doctor (2016, 3B, R/R, 6'1" 175, 4.2 GPA) Redwood HS (BCR - 3) – Good size and profile for 3rd base, arm strength is there but can develop more carry on throws, feet moved well at 3B, might be able to handle 2nd base, showed short swing, worked to stay in the middle, good contact skills with some pop.

Colin Prince (2016, SS/P, R/R, 5'10" 150, 3.72 GPA) Montgomery HS (BCR - 3) – Has tools to be a steady and good defensive shortstop, good arm, ball easy out of his hand, patient feet, flows to ball well, short stroke at plate, contact skills, a bit pull conscious. Pitching: quick arm, clean, crisp stuff, FB 80-81

Luc DeLorenzo (2016, OF, R/L, 5'11" 180, 3.3 GPA) Cardinal Newman HS (BCR - 2) – Average size but showed good strength with the bat, drove ball well in the middle of the field, good barrel control, short to it long through it, arm is solid, mechanics will improve it, has pull power but he hit where he was pitched.

Chris McMahon (2016, IF/OF/P, R/R, 5'11" 145, 3.0 GPA) Cardinal Newman HS (BCR - 2) – As strength improves so will his game, moved well in INF, good release on throws, arm is solid and accurate, stayed in middle of field with bat, good hands, solid contact. Pitching: OH, easy, good extension, FB 76, CHG 71

Harrison Royall (2016, OF, L/L, 5'9" 145, 3.05 GPA) Petaluma HS (BCR - 3) – Good athlete, showed off good contact skills and lead-off potential, flat swing plane, has quick bat, willing to use whole field, chance to steal some bags, ball comes out of hand well, bit of a slinger, chance for above average arm.

Noah Vulk (2016, RHP, 6'0" 160, 3.0 GPA) Napa HS (BCR - 4) – Lean wiry body type, good build, long overhand arm stroke, quick whippy arm, good stuff, aggressive in zone, fields well, maintains good arm speed on secondary stuff, very projectable, velo better his second day. FB 79-83, CB 65-67, CHG 71-73

Bennett Keane (2016, RHP, 6'3" 175, 3.7 GPA) St. Ignatius Prep (BCR - 4) – This is what future weekend starters look like, long and rangy, OH stroke, quick arm, two pitches have chance to be plus, he showed feel of the ball, fastball is lively in the zone, slider late action, good bite. FB 79-83, SL 70-73

John Green (2017, C/OF, R/R, 5'11" 155, 3.33 GPA) Casa Grande HS (BCR - 3) – Athletic catcher, plays with good energy, excellent block/smother/recover skills, good throw after block ball in dirt, sits and receives really well, good hands, some strength with bat, should hit enough. Pop-times: 2.08-2.2

Jo Bynum (2016, 1B/RHP, L/R, 6'2" 188, 4.06 GPA) Maria Carrillo HS (BCR - 4) – EXCELLENT defensive 1st baseman, soft hands, great feet, great timing, vacuum on balls in dirt, strong arm, easy swing, will develop some power, flat swing plane. Pitching: loose arm, high 3/4 slot, projectable, FB 77-78

Casey Armusewicz (2017, SS/P, R/R, 6'2" 170, 3.3 GPA) Marin Catholic HS (BCR - 3) – Talented young shortstop, plays with confidence, loose arm, good feet, playmaker, arm is good now and will be plus, flows to ball well, all field hit, runs well. Pitching: OH slot, easy loose arm, good length, FB 75-76, CB 65

Vincent Riggio (2016, 3B/IF, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.4 GPA) Maria Carrillo HS (BCR - 4) – Strong young hitter, has above average power potential, natural lift in swing, balls carries off his bat, strong arm, moved well at 3B, drives ball in middle of field, middle of line-up guy, prototypical 3rd base profile, hit and field tools.

Alejandro Lara (2016, SS/IF, R/R, 6'1" 195, 3.83 GPA) Vanden HS (BCR - 4) – Has tools, talent and performance too, plays calm and confident, strong arm, made easy plays and tough backhand plays to hole, good release, good feet, loose whippy lively swing, has pull power, runs pretty well too, player.

Carson Snyder (2017, OF/LHP, L/L, 5'10" 160, 3.7 GPA) Sonoma Valley HS (BCR - 2) – Gamer type player, goes all out, covers ground and closes well in the OF, strong arm, can play three OF spots, short stroke, can use oppo field, can chip and run, runs ok too. Pitching: High 3/4 slot, went at hitters, FB 76-77

Michael Praszker (2017, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'1" 170, 3.4 GPA) Marin Catholic HS (BCR - 3) – Long and rangy athlete, good arm, throws carry, covers ground, has hitting tools, good bat speed, gets to pullside easily, contact skills w/power potential. Pitching: OH slot, quick arm, x-body, FB 79-82, CB 63, CHG 70

Colin Imm (2016, OF/1B, R/L, 6'1" 185, 4.14 GPA) Cardinal Newman HS (BCR - 2) – Swings bat with some authority, knows where barrel is and how to get it to ball, aggressive approach, pull hitter, handles fastball well, showed well at 1st base, defensive tools fit well at 1B, arm is a bit short in the OF.

Edwin Hunt (2016, RHP, 6'0" 206, 3.11 GPA) Montgomery HS (BCR - 2) – Strike throwing young pitcher, overhand slot, showed feel of the fastball away, good fastball angle, arm works pretty easily, can still make some velocity jumps, curveball is usable but could tighten up the spin, FB 76-80, CB 66-69

Billy Brown (2017, RHP/1B, R/R, 6'1" 205, 3.6 GPA) Casa Grande HS (BCR - 2) – Big strong burly young player, competed as two-way player, compact delivery, high 3/4 slot, short arm action, has arm strength, FB 79-80, CB 68. Position player: has bat strength, stayed on offspeed well, drives ball, works hard at 1B

Parker Laret (2016, C, R/R, 6'1" 170, 3.1 GPA) Redwood HS (BCR - 3) – Good tools, has big arm and a good release, arm stroke can shorten up just a bit, hitting tools are good, aggressive approach, has bat speed and power, middle of line-up potential, drives ball oppo field well, talented. Pop-times: 2.08-2.25

Matius Lipsie (2017, RHP, 6'1", 2.5 GPA) Petaluma HS (BCR - 2) – Stuff will have to make a pretty big jump but if/when it does he already has very good feel for pitching, changed speeds very well, good mound presence and moxy, was painting on the corners and upsets hitters timing, FB 69-75, CB 54-61

J.J. Barnett (2017, RHP, 5'11" 155, 3.8 GPA) American Canyon HS (BCR - 4) – Talented pitcher with exciting stuff, whip quick arm, very aggressive, excellent finish to his pitches, high energy delivery, high 3/4 slot, excellent pick, used FB on both sides well, wipeout breaking ball, FB 81-85, SL 71-73, CHG 71