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BAWS U 2014 - South Bay

Bellarmine Prep RHP Sid Iyer

Arman Sabouri (2016, LHP, 5'10" 155, 3.95 GPA) Branham HS (BCR - 4) – Crafty lefty with good feel for the ball, high 3/4 slot, good delivery, ball gets out of his hand easily, three quality pitches and knows how to use them, has feel of CHG, FB has run and life, throws CB with touch. FB 79-83, CB 68, CHG 70-71

Travis Varni (2018, C/1B, R/R, 6'0" 145) Pioneer HS (BCR - 2) – Youngest player at event, just completed 8th grade, long lanky frame, pretty accurate thrower, short arm action, showed some pull side power in BP and games, caught up to speed of game after the first day, received well, projectable. Pop-times: 2.4-2.55

Nathaniel Wipfler (2016, OF/1B, R/R, 6'0" 155, 3.9 GPA) Homestead HS (BCR - 3) – Long and lean athlete, natural athleticism comes out at bat and on the bases, arm showed well from OF and INF, has bat speed, showed gap power to all fields, can turn around a good fastball, twitch athlete with high ceiling.

Nick Johnson (2017, 2B/P, R/R, 5'11" 140, 4.0 GPA) Branham HS (BCR - 2) – Long lanky player with feel for game, physical maturity will bring talents out, good arm with carry, smooth INF actions, good approach with feet, middle of field hitting approach. Pitching: Has feel, OH slot, quick arm, FB 75, CB 70, CHG 69

Joey Riherd (2016, INF, R/R, 6'0" 170, 4.0 GPA) Monte Vista HS-Danville (BCR - 3) – Very solid and well-rounded player, really improved in last year as has his size, strong arm, quick release, plays D with energy, playmaker, quick bat, good extension, stays middle, nice all field approach, can play 3 INF spots, gamer.

Grant Rosenbaum (2016, SS/P, R/R, 5'10" 145, 4.14 GPA) Los Gatos HS (BCR - 3) – Lean wiry body, recently started pitching more, good infielder, quick release and abv avg arm, short swing, quick bat, sees it well, loose wrists, projectable bat. Pitching: OH slot, clean, lots strikes, CB was down, FB 77-80, CB 71

Chris Rebagliati (2016, 2B/OF, R/R, 5'3" 110, 3.94 GPA) Homestead HS (BCR - 1) – Competitive player, still needs more physical maturity to compete at level his skills suggest he can, versatile, played well in INF and OF, runs hard, keeps ball out of the air, scrappy guy who stays within himself, just needs time.

Harry Hibberd (2016, OF/RHP, R/R, 5'11" 170, 4.0 GPA) Los Gatos HS (BCR - 3) – Talented athlete, strong OF arm, tracks ball well, closes well, good jumps, good body control diving for balls, showed pull side pop in BP but stayed middle of field in games. Pitching: OH slot, good arm action, FB 77, CB 72

Kyle Sinclair (2016, SS/P, R/R, 6'0" 160, 3.0 GPA) Benicia HS (BCR - 3) – Strong lean body type, arm stood out right away, throws carry, ball comes out easy, release can quicken up, swing happens pretty easy, loose wristy swing, good contact skills, good barrel all fields. Pitching: OH slot, strong body, FB 75

Jack Palmer (2016, LHP, 5'11" 150, 4.0 GPA) Scotts Valley HS (BCR - 1) – Crafty lefty with a nice arm action and feel for the strike zone, long 3/4 arm finishes with good extension, got lots of soft contact, started swings and got easy outs, showed good command of all, good presence, FB 68-73, CB 59-60

Jaime Ramos (2016, RHP, 5'9" 180, 2.0 GPA) Avenal HS (BCR - 2) – Compactly built athlete on mound, overhand arm stroke, short backside arm action can create deception when mixing his pitches well, competed to the zone, lots of strikes, showed some natural feel for the game, FB 76-80, SL 67-68

Ethan Go (2017, C/IF, R/R, 5'9" 140, 3.83 GPA) Westmont HS (BCR - 2) – Energetic player with good athleticism behind plate, versatility to move around to infield spots, short quick arm action, accurate throws, arm strength will come, short swing, compact and up the middle, contact skills. Pop-times: 2.2-2.4

Andy Hamlin (2016, 1B/OF, R/R, 5'11" 165, 3.6 GPA) Los Altos HS (BCR - 2) – Chance to be a versatile defensive player, can handle 1B or 3B, hands are good, could play a corner OF spot, bat is standout tool, has some pop, sets up strong and aggressive, uses whole field, strong lower half, aggressive nature.

Dante Poleselli (2016, INF, R/R, 6'1" 155, 4.0 GPA) The King's Academy (BCR - 3) – Long and rangy young athlete, looks like he will be good sized player, showed feel in infield, feet work well, arm is solid, has a nice release, hands work in swing, very good plate discipline, works up the middle, will come on.

Jack Vodicka (2016, 3B/P, R/R, 6'0" 165, 3.0 GPA) Bellarmine Prep (BCR - 3) – Good frame and projectable body type, strong arm (near plus), patient footwork, makes plays, strong hitter, aggressive, hands work, has bat speed, good contact skills. Pitching: quick short arm, needs to slow down, FB 76-80

Riki DeSa (2016, SS/P, S/R, 5'9" 150, GPA not given) Prospect HS (BCR - 4) – Excellent player, feel for the game shows up in the field on mound at plate and on bases, smooth feet, plus release, strong arm, quick bat, strong hands, has some pop, drives ball. Pitching: Long easy arm, paints, FB 78-81, CB 64

Reno Zemrak (2016, 2B/OF, R/R, 5'11" 165, 3.3 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 2) – Highly improved player from last summer, accurate thrower, versatile defender, goes after the ball well, not afraid to try to make a play, ran well in the outfield, showed contact skills, used all fields.

Paul Myers (2016, MIF, R/R, 5'8" 150, 3.3 GPA) Los Altos HS (BCR - 2) – Compactly build infielder, good release, good hands, very solid defender, tools fit 2nd base, good hitting approach, quiet and sees the ball well, very good contact skills, can spray it, good zone discipline, has small game skills and approach.

Matthew Baker (2017, C/OF, R/R, 6'0" 180, 3.2 GPA) St. Ignatius Prep (BCR- 2) – Good size for a young catcher, has present day strength but much more in the future, good transfer on throws, throws were bit short (slow feet a bit) but arm is solid, aggressive swing, drove ball to all fields. Pop-times: 2.28-2.35

Brennan Myers (2016, LHP, 5'8" 150, 3.4 GPA) Los Altos HS (BCR - 1) – Small framed lefty with good feel for pitching, stays within himself, moves ball around zone, can pitch with the fastball, arm works easily suggesting velo jump with strength gains, long arm, high 3/4 slot, FB 72-76, CB 61

Sid Iyer (2016, RHP/IF, R/R, 5'10" 165, 4.2 GPA) Bellarmine Prep (BCR - 4) – Strong lower body on athletic frame, excellent feel, confidence is apparent, has three above avg pitches, mixes well, great finish on secondary stuff, pitches on both sides, high 3/4 arm works easy, FB 83-86, CB 72-76, CHG 77-79

Nate Loro (2016, C, R/R, 5'11" 180, 3.0 GPA) Los Gatos HS (BCR - 2) – Good build for a young catcher, lean but strong and athletic, flashed good throwing ability but feet were moving too quick, arm is there, good strong top hand in swing, sprayed ball to all fields, runs well for catcher. Pop-times: 2.25-2.5

Dylan Remahl (2016, RHP, 6'0" 150, 3.5 GPA) Homestead HS (BCR - 2) – Lean and wiry body pitcher, overhand slot, lots of quality strikes, pitched all three days, good arm resilience, fearless to zone, went inside very well, good late FB sink, highly competitive but in control of self, FB 74-77, CB 62-63, CHG 68