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BAWS U 2014 - Peninsula

Wesley Noble (2017, RHP/OF, R/R, 5'8" 155, 4.03 GPA) Carmel HS (BCR - 3) – Good young athlete, showed well as a pitcher and position player, quick arm, 3/4 slot, long clean arm action, excellent move, fields position well, athletic delivery, CB bites, FB 77-81, CB 67; Position player: stays in middle, quick bat

Andrew Mier (2016, C/INF, R/R, 5'10" 155, 3.2 GPA) Palma HS (BCR - 3) – Excellent defensive catcher and very capable with the bat, blocks well, athlete behind plate, good back picks, quick feet, quick arm, swings bat well, drives ball in middle of field, stays on the CB, very well-rounded. Pop-times: 2.09-2.18

Aaron Flores (2016, 1B/LHP, L/L, 5'10" 145, 4.45 GPA) Palma HS (BCR - 2) – Lithe lean and agile, smooth around bag, good hands, good feet, accurate feeds, run saver on defense, smooth swing, flat plane, swing gets off easy. Pitching: nice arm action, has feel, smooth delivery FB 71-72, CB 59

Trey DuBois (2017, MIF, R/R, 5'5" 120, 3.6 GPA) American Canyon HS (BCR - 2) – Competitive young player and as he gains size/strength he will show up bigger, good infield actions, smooth feet, good arm, scrappy player, good hitting hands, barrel in the zone, sets up really well, contact skills.

Jake Cosgrove (2017, INF, R/R, 5'7" 155, 3.5 GPA) Heritage HS (BCR - 3) – Not big in size but plays big, aggressive hitter, hands are strong, drives the ball, excellent barrel awareness, extends well through contact, goes hard every play, grinder/gamer with talent, hits to all fields, quick release, smooth defender.

Zach Avila (2016, SS/P, R/R, 5'9" 155, 4.0 GPA) Stuart Hall HS (BCR - 2) – Good infield, has bat skills, some carry on throws, made plays at multiple positions, great backhand up middle w/feed to 2B, hustle double, good barrel, good hitting hands, makes good adjustments. Pitching: FB 74-75, CB 58, CHG 64

Tanner Okamura (2017, OF, S/R, 5'5" 150, 3.0 GPA) Palma HS (BCR - 2) – Very good centerfielder, lots of range, not a burner but he gets good jumps and positions himself well, profile really cold shine at 2nd base, quick release with good arm, swing can get big, has bat speed but small game needs refinement.

Louis Gaitley (2017, SS/OF, R/R, 6'0" 155, 3.7 GPA) St. Ignatius Prep (BCR - 3) – Lean and rangy infielder, kept improving all event long, smooth arm action, easy actions, good arm, uses athleticism well, big swings but good timing, has bat speed and swing finish, drives ball to oppo field, really interesting.

J.J. Ortiz (2017, P/3B, R/R, 5'10" 165, 3.0 GPA) Salinas HS (BCR - 1) – Good athletic build, compact and strong, overhand arm stroke, has a little torque twist at top of his delivery, short arm action can create deception, needs to add more angle and a change-up, FB 70-71, CB 57-61. Pull hitter, soft infield hands.

Noah Daubin (2017, RHP/OF, L/R, 6'0" 165, GPA not given) Heritage HS (BCR – 4) – Lean and wiry strong athlete, has some quick twitchOH slot, quick arm, high effort delivery, good life on stuff, flashed plus breaking ball, FB 79-83, SL 69-71, CHG 72. Player: Good arm, bat speed, doubles to gaps, athlete

Danny Carnazzo (2017, C/3B, R/R, 5'9" 170, 4.0 GPA) Palma HS (BCR - 3) – Strong hitting catcher, has most desirable catching skills, doubles machine, drives ball to all fields, good battle at-bats, blocks well, shifts with agility, great target presentation, soft hands, good receive oppo glove. Pop-times: 2.19-2.35

Ryan Mackey (2017, 1B/RHP, L/R, 6'2" 184, 2.9 GPA) Rio Vista HS (BCR - 2) – Good frame, showed hitting tools to keep him on radar, can maul the ball, strong to pull side, on-time swing, good feet on D, can soften up glove a bit. Pitching: clean stroke, FB angle ok, projectable stuff/body, FB 79-80, CB 66

Juan Carlos Lopez-Rios (2016, SS/P, 5'9" 150, 3.3 GPA) Vintage HS (BCR - 4) – As smooth and fluid in the infield as a young infielder can be, plays easy, plays confidently, good arm, under control, great feet, line drive hitter, has small game skills, winner. Pitching: strike thrower, paints, loose, FB 77-80, CB 60

Jordan Morrison (2016, INF/P, R/R, 5'7" 165, 3.2 GPA) Soledad HS (BCR - 2) – Big time gamer, plays game with joy and hard nosed style, fun to watch compete, strong arm, playmaker, went after pop ups really well, good hands, solid feet, contact skills at plate, compact. Pitching: Aggressive, FB 74-78, CB 64

Antonio Garcia (2016, MIF, R/R, 5'8" 170, 3.0 GPA) Bellarmine Prep (BCR - 2) – Compactly built middle infielder, ball leaves hand well, accurate, can get rid of it quicker, short swing, keeps hands inside ball, excellent contact skills, good contact, sprays ball to all fields with good barrel contact, competitive player.

Robbie Vanderlaan (2016, OF/1B/LHP, L/L, 6'1" 165, 3.8 GPA) Stuart Hall HS (BCR - 1) – Interesting physical profile with his body type and L/L, versatile player, accurate arm, solid arm, foot speed suggests 1st base is his spot, chance to hit, flat swing. Pitching: 3/4 slot, long arm action, FB runs, FB 77, CHG 67

Jaxon Snipes (2017, C/OF/P, R/R, 5'10" 165, 3.4 GPA) St. Ignatius Prep (BCR - 2) – Athletic young catcher, versatile player, good receiving hands, strong arm, plays with energy, competitive hitter, showed some middle of field hitting ability. Pitching: short arm action, attacked hitters, FB 73-74

Spencer Stewart (2016, RHP/1B, R/R, 6'1" 175, 3.7 GPA) Carlmont HS (BCR - 2) – Good pitching frame, has enough stuff to keep on pitching radar but liked better as 1B/OF/hitter, good swing extension, has ability to lift/drive ball, sees it pretty good, power potential. Pitching: FB cuts, OH slot, FB 77-80, CB 69

Connor Loucks (2016, C, R/R, 6'1" 180, 3.7 GPA) Carlmont HS (BCR - 2) – Stands out in ways that aren’t always easy to see, excellent block effort, good target presentation, has presence that makes pitchers comfy, consistent throwing mechanics, good receiver, strong hands, strong aggressive swing. Pop-times: 2.25-2.35

Ethan Heinrich (2016, RHP, 6'2" 180, 4.0 GPA) Heritage HS (BCR - 3) – Big rangy frame, overhand slot, good arm speed, strength in body, slight x-body stride, gets fastball downhill, arm is loose so there is more velocity coming, fastball can also ride on hitters, not a comfy at-bat, FB 81-84, CB 69, CHG 73-75

Jordan Crisp (2016, 3B/1B, R/R, 6'0" 230, 3.65 GPA) Palma HS (BCR - 2) – Big body type but has agility, competes at 3B but range will push him to 1B, understands angles, willing to go after balls, arm is good, ball gets off his bat well, pull side approach, sees ball ok, willing to get deep in counts, physical presence.