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BAWS U 2014 - Contra Costa

Jaksen Wilson (2017, OF, L/R, 5'8" 150, 4.33 GPA) Napa HS (BCR - 2) – Young player with some tools that will show up down the road, has some bat speed, good swing w/nice finish, keeps the ball out of the air, can spray it around, runs well, arm strength is solid and will improve, profiles better as a 2nd baseman.

Frank Tom (2016, C/P, R/R, 5'8" 175, 2.8 GPA) Benicia HS (BCR - 3) – Competitive player, seems to have good grasp of the game, not big but strong, has a quick bat, accurate thrower, quick feet, threw well in games, quick release. Pop-times: 2.1-2.18; Pitching: OH slot, quick arm, lots strikes, FB 75-76

Tyler Peters (2016, 1B/RHP, R/R, 6'1" 175, 3.25 GPA) Alhambra HS (BCR - 4) – Physical hitter, really good hitting tools (reminds me of Brett Pill in college), easy power, all fields, excellent hitting hands, runs bags hard, good feet at 1B, quick release, accurate on throws. Pitching: OH slot, easy arm, FB 77-80

Chase Geertsen (2016, MIF, R/R, 5'9" 155, 3.66 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 2) – Solid all-around player, nothing jumps out big yet but also nothing really missing, good arm, ball gets out of his hand well, quick bat, line drive type swing, hits to all fields, compact athletic build, will keep coming on.

Ryan Marsh (2016, 3B/1B, S/R, 6'3" 180, 3.5 GPA) Monte Vista HS-Danville (BCR - 3) – Great frame, projectable in many positive ways, has loft power on left side, stayed in middle on right side, runs well for big young kid, arm is good, carries well, soft hands, struggled in games but there are tools and size here.

Ruben Mercado (2016, SS, R/R, 5'10" 160, 3.3 GPA) Foothill HS (BCR - 4) – Outstanding defensive shortstop and he should stay there, plus arm now even better down the road, smooth feet, plays on move, great on-field energy all over, short swing, quick bat, gap power will come, good hands, player.

Tyler Larson (2016, OF, R/R, 5'10" 155, 3.8 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 2) – Solid contact oriented hitter, uses whole field, confident at-bats, runs pretty well and will improve with physical maturity, stays within himself, solid outfield arm, would like to see if he can handle 2nd base as that fits his tools.

Clayton Tennant (2016, OF/LHP, L/L, 5'10" 160, 3.8 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 3) – Was coming off some leg issues before event, was not at full strength, competitive, easy swing, smooth hitting rhythm, bat head stays in the zone, good hands, strong accurate arm, good athlete. Pitching: High 3/4, quick arm, FB 75-77

Dominic Espino (2016, OF/C, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.3 GPA) Heritage HS (BCR - 3) – Strong young hitter, good size and power potential, has bat speed and can overpower the ball, throws well, ball comes out of hand really well, drove the ball in the middle of the field, catching profile is interesting with his arm and power.

Zach Chalmers (2017, RHP/3B, R/R, 6'0" 185, 3.5 GPA) California HS (BCR - 5) – Excellent prospect, smooth easy delivery, very athletic, OH slot, clean arm action, sticks the FB down and away, late CB bite, 11/5 shape, ball comes out easy, FB 80-84, CB 71-73. Good INF hands, quick bat, balanced, good path.

Will Dennis (2016, RHP, 5'11" 185, 3.6 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 2) – Lean body, overhand slot, decent arm speed, works with some higher effort, best when front side stayed on line, good fastball angle, showed ability to mix three pitches, should find mid-80s eventually, FB 77-81, CB 57-65, CHG 71

Dawson Vasconi (2016, C, L/R, 5'9" 155, 3.7 GPA) Monte Vista HS-Danville (BCR - 2) – Competitive left-hand hitting catcher, had very good at-bat vs a tough lefty, sees the ball well, good swing path, better timing with feet will help that good swing, accurate thrower, runs pretty well too. Pop-times: 2.36-2.4

Connor Van Brocklin (2017, 1B/RHP, S/R, 6'2" 200, GPA not given) Dougherty Valley HS (BCR - 1) – Big physical switch-hitter, has strength, power will show up with improved timing, strong arm, threw accurately to bags, pretty soft hands, handled himself well around the bag. Pitching: OH slot, FB 72-74, CB 65-66

Jacob Rakestraw (2016, MIF, R/R, 5'10" 155, 4.6 GPA) Livermore HS (BCR - 2) – Lean young athlete, solid arm in the infield, plays easy on defense, not very strong yet but showed quick hands and projectable bat speed, middle/oppo approach, good contact skills, good chance he will blossom late.

Tommy Henderson (2016, 3B/OF, R/R, 6'1" 215, 3.2 GPA) Acalanes HS (BCR - 3) – Big physical player, has bat speed and strength, aggressive, power to all fields, short swing, chance to hit for some average and power, good arm, solid at 3B but size and agility could eventually push him to a different corner.

Nicholas Simmons (2016, SS, R/R, 6'0" 180, 2.7 GPA) Northgate HS (BCR - 3) – Athletic body type, long and lean but strong too, solid tools, good arm, plays smooth and easy, confident with throws, knows how to back it off and take his time, has bat speed, power will come, runs pretty well too, good player.

Andrew Burlison (2016, 2B/OF, R/R, 5'9" 130, 3.0 GPA) Northgate HS (BCR - 1) – Versatile player, showed off good infield defensive skills, nice release, comes to and through ball well, solid arm will keep improving, middle/oppo approach, size and strength will accentuate all of his skills.

Eric Nyman (2016, MIF, R/R, 5'9" 156, 3.5 GPA) Miramonte HS (BCR - 3) – Good all-around player, the more you watch him the more you see it, quick infield release, nice footwork, accurate thrower, line drive swing, stays middle, can get in gaps. Pitching: OH slot, has feel, pretty easy arm, FB 78-79, CB 65

Colton Gering (2016, RHP, 6'2" 175, GPA not given) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 3) – Long and rangy, projectable build, OH slot, gets downhill when on time, loose arm, there is more in the tank, at times had some good sink, potential ground ball pitcher, breaking ball needs to tighten up. FB 79-83, CB 63

Josh Pell (2016, RHP, 6'0" 173, 3.5 GPA) Las Lomas HS (BCR - 1) – Good body type, overhand slot, arm action is very short and as he gains velocity and adds secondary pitches that release point can be deceptive, likely was definitely seeing him at his best. FB 68-71, CB 58-60, CHG 63

Casey Schwitters (2016, C/OF, R/R, 5'10" 170, 4.0 GPA) Berean Christian HS (BCR - 3) – Athletic catcher, excellent work blocking/smothering dirt balls, strong arm, throws a little wild but tools to be above avg thrower are there, quick bat, good in RBI situations, flat swing, fun to watch. Pop-times: 2.08-2.3

Ted Fleming (2016, RHP, 6'2" 170, 3.1 GPA) San Ramon Valley HS (BCR - 4) – Long rangy, very projectable build/stuff, command to outer half good, good in-game mechanical adjustments, works quick, CB sweeps, can adjust finger finish for depth, used CHG vs right-handers. FB 80-83, CB 63-69, CHG 76

Ben Resnick (2016, LHP/OF, L/L, 5'7" 145, 3.6 GPA) Monte Vista HS-Danville (BCR - 1) – Smallish left-hander but competed well and also showed a nice swing when he got a chance to hit, fastball has good tailing action, seemed to have hitters swinging at invisi-balls, competed in the zone. FB 71-72, CB 61