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BAWS U 2014 - Central

Eduardo Aguilar (2016, RHP/INF, R/R, 5'8" 150, 3.0 GPA) Shafter HS (BCR - 1) – Athletically built two-way player, primarily pitched but showed he has some bat skills too, high overhand arm stroke, gets good down angle on FB, big overhand tumbling CB with 12/6 shape. FB 71-74, CB 62-63

Landen Alexander (2016, C/INF, R/R, 5'10" 155, 3.38 GPA) Monte Vista Christian HS (BCR - 3) – Wiry young athlete, uses athleticism well behind plate, loose quick arm, will develop abv avg arm strength, block effort good on balls in dirt, short stroke, contact hitter, works middle of field. Pop-times: 2.18-2.22

Zach Presno (2017, C/3B, R/R, 5'11" 180, 3.8 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 4) – Well-rounded multi-impact player, high level defensive abilities, excellent release, strong arm, compact catcher’s build, good athlete, strong bat w/present pull side power, loud contact, young but quite advanced. Pop-times: 2.0-2.07

Cole Fiori (2016, 2B/INF, R/R, 5'8" 130, 3.83 GPA) Chico HS (BCR - 3) – Good baseball player, tools aren’t big yet but baseball skill is good, solid defender with instincts and good INF angles, turns 2BL play well, good release, spray hitter, good contact swing, stays middle of field, plays under control.

Hector Munoz (2017, 3B/INF, R/R, 5'9" 150, 3.14 GPA) Clovis North HS (BCR - 2) – Compact build seems suited for 2nd base, showed good footwork and a fairly quick release with solid arm strength, showed a quick bat and a middle of the field approach, slashing type of swing, made consistent contact.

Peyton McNair (2017, SS/P, R/R, 6'3" 185, 3.3 GPA) Clovis HS (BCR - 3) – Long rangy build, excellent body type, swung bat well, sprayed ball to all fields, showed pull pop in BP and middle/oppo ability in the games, defensively he profiles best at 3B in the infield. Pitching: OH slot, good angle, FB 79-81, CHG 70

Wyatt Tucker (2016, RHP/IF, R/R, 6'2" 180, 3.8 GPA) Arcata HS (BCR - 4) – Excellent pitcher’s frame, good arm action, slight crossbody stride, hooks it a bit on backside, quick worker, used FB well on both sides and with angle, showed feel of the CB, good athlete, swung bat well too. FB 79-83, CB 71-73

Devan Quesada (2016, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'2" 160, 2.6 GPA) John Swett HS (BCR - 3) – Long and agile athlete, lots of natural ability, loose easy strong arm, great diving catch in OF, has bat speed, needs better timing. Pitching: quick arm, downhill, whippy arm, good athletic delivery, projectable, FB 77-79

J.T. Arruda (2016, MIF/OF, L/R, 5'10" 155, 3.5 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 4) – Very talented and highly skilled player, quick INF release, very good feet, strong arm, short swing with quick bat, gets through contact well, runs well, hits to all fields, line drive stroke, can get into gaps, has a winning presence.

Tyriq George (2016, INF/P, R/R, 5'7" 136, 2.0 GPA) Luther Burbank HS (BCR - 1) – Highly energetic and passionate player, showed better as position player than on mound, decent lateral range, long arm action best suited to the outfield, big swing, needs to shorten the stroke. Pitching: Long arm action, FB 63-66

Sai Davuluri (2017, P/INF, R/R, 5'7" 155, 4.1 GPA) El Capitan HS (BCR - 3) – Agile athlete, loose whippy arm, athletic feet, showed good bat speed, a bit long but can get to it, has strength despite current size. Pitching: High 3/4, easy arm works really well, smooth, very good to oppo arm side, FB 79-82, CHG 75

William Reader (2016, C/3B/P, R/R, 6'0" 160, 3.8 GPA) Stuart Hall HS (BCR- 3) – Good all-around catcher, very accurate arm, strong arm, low slot but gets rid of it quick, lots of hard contact to pull side, has extra base pop. Pop times: 1.96-2.02; Pitching: High 3/4, quick arm, compact, FB 75-78, CB 70

Zach Smits (2016, 3B/P, R/R, 6'2" 210, 3.0 GPA) Los Gatos HS (BCR - 3) – Big physical player, strong arm across diamond, good release, has power, his strength plays, power will play to left and middle of diamond when front side stays on the ball. Pitching: OH slot, short arm action, FB 73-76, CB 64-66

Chase Rocamora (2017, MIF/P, R/R, 5'7" 130, 3.83 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 3) – Highly skilled defensive player, smooth actions, quick release, strong arm, range is exceptional at 2B, plays on the move well, long swing finish, works to stay in the middle. Pitching: quick arm, painted, FB 72-73, CB 66

Brandon Balladares (2016, 2B/OF, R/R, 5'8" 140, 3.45 GPA) Lick-Wilmerding HS (BCR - 2) – Competed in each at-bat, worked to use the whole field, works to use his top hand well, played good defense both in the infield and outfield, arm will improve as he gets more physical maturity, long arm action best in OF.

Josh Friesen (2016, SS/3B, R/R, 5'11" 175, 4.4 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 4) – High level talent, tools play at the plate, on defense and running the bases, plus arm, good feet, has range, good barrel more often than not, has plus bat speed, hits to all fields, strong compact athletic build, talent should blossom.

Ricky Christensen (2016, OF, R/R, 6'0" 167, 3.25 GPA) Piner HS (BCR - 2) – Long and lean young athlete, above average arm should become a plus arm someday, has bat speed, a little long but he has a whippy and wristy swing with life, lets the barrel fly, has good aggressiveness, projectable young player.

Daniel Bono (2016, OF/LHP, R/L, 6'2" 165, 2.5 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 3) – Two-way player showed intriguing ability on mound and at the plate, easy loose arm, flashed above average arm strength with carry, wristy lively swing, gets to pull side easily, good hitting tools. Pitching: Long arm action, FB 78

Oscar Urbina (2017, OF, R/R, 5'7" 130, 3.8 GPA) Rancho Cotate HS (BCR - 1) – Lean wiry bodied player with talent but needs some physical maturity before the tools are ready to show up bigger, showed a quick bat with a short stroke, good plate discipline, easily got to pull side, arm strength can improve.

Jeremy Wager-Smith (2017, RHP/OF, R/R, 6'0" 170, 4.0 GPA) Vacaville Christian HS (BCR - 1) – Good body, overhand slot, hands are tight to body which can cut off the arm swing a bit, has some ability to get downhill with the fastball, arm strength is there but some mechanical tweaks would help. FB 70-73, CB 62

Desi Garcia (2016, LHP/OF, R/L, 6'2" 155, 3.8 GPA) Shafter HS (BCR - 2) – Long and wiry body type, moves gracefully, has ability to be a “slippery” pitcher, can start bats and miss barrels, high 3/4 slot, starts with a stab on backside, arm works, fastball fades at plate, excellent pick move. FB 69-75

Mitch Casillas (2016, C/1B, L/R, 5'11" 205, 3.5 GPA) Buchanan HS (BCR - 4) – Big physical catcher with power in the bat and good arm strength, showed pull side power in BP and in games, can hammer mistakes, good block on 2 strike CB in dirt, consistent throws around the bag. Pop times: 2.01-2.18

Surya Kumaraguru (2016, 3B/P, R/R, 5'10" 180, 3.0 GPA) Monta Vista HS-Cupertino (BCR - 2) – Strong upper bodied player, put barrel to ball consistently, hands work well through the ball, strong arm, soft hands, range not great but makes plays. Pitching: long arm action, solid mix, FB 76-80, CB 66, CHG 70