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BAWS 2020


BAWS Games 2020 took place Sept 5-7, at Islanders Field

With Covid-19 regulations/guidelines put in place by the state of California and San Joaquin County, BAWS 2020 consisted of two phases. The workout/testing portion was held July 10/11 at Islanders Field in Lathrop. The simulated competition phase took place September 5-7 at Islanders Field as well. We also live streamed BAWS 2020 via

For the players who attended the BAWS testing/workout days, your videos/stats have been edited and they can be found in two locations. One is at the BAWS website, in your team profile (each is linked below). The other location is in your PBR Profile. Your workout/bullpen videos were also edited and placed in both of those profiles.

East Bay/Royal
North Bay/Green
South Bay/Red
Valley/Lt Blue

For the PBR video/subscriptions, here is the info you need;

That's the link for the monthly subscription which is not visible on the website. Use code fallvids2020 and that will get you the first month for $.01 (that's one penny). After the first month it's $10/month. You can get into your profile in that first month and have the ability to view videos in your profile, rankings, other premium content as well.

There is also the Prospect PLUS subscription that allows you to download the video (which you don't need to do as I believe you can download it from the BAWS site). With that subscription you can also notify schools of your interest, update your own calendar for your scheduled HS/travel team games, etc.

That subscription is $300/year. The code prospect25 gives you 25% off ($75) for that subscription level. Here is the link to Prospect Plus:


Welcome to the info page for BAWS 2020. We are excited about the event as we return to Islanders Field at River Islands in Lathrop. BAWS 2019 was the first major event held at this one of a kind facility in Northern California. 

Prep Baseball Report California will once again be officially scouting BAWS 2020.

ALL players received: 
* BAWS jersey
* Video of pro style workout posted to your PBR profile (pitchers videoed during game)
Headshot for your PBR Profile
* Performance Stats recorded and posted to your profile (position velocity, exit velocity, running time, pitchers' velocities, pop times, etc)
* PBR scouting report posted to your PBR profile (to learn how to create your own free PBR Profile, read further)

Select players will be highlighted during the event on the various PBR social media platforms such as Twitter @PBR_California & @Clemmens_PBR & @BayAreaWS and Instagram @pbrcalifornia - GIVE US A FOLLOW and see what we have to say about you.

There will be post event follow up including stat leaders, top prospect reports, the possibility of being in future updated PBR California state rankings, as well as consideration for regional and national level PBR INVITE ONLY events, and so much more. ALL of this for your registration to BAWS 2020!

PBR California Coverage of BAWS 2019
BAWS 2019 - 2020 Players to Know
BAWS 2019 - Underclassmen to Know

Highlights from BAWS 2019

BAWS is the longest running showcase of it's kind in Northern California (established 2004) and PBR is the most respected independent scouting resource in all of amateur baseball in the nation.

Over 900 colleges and pro scouts have subscriptions to PBR, while 35 former BAWSr's have reached the big leagues and nearly 800 former BAWSr's have gone on to D1 baseball, with hundreds others playing at other four-year level programs. That just means we've seen a lot of talented kids over the years and have been trusted to contribute to their journey.

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Islanders Field at River Islands

- Face a minimum of 9 hitters. Some pitchers, maybe even many, aren't as stretched out for long outings due to how this spring/summer have been. The goal will still to get each PO 9 batters, but if a pitcher is laboring to the point where I assess that injury becomes a risk, I reserve the right to keep that player healthy and end an outing early if need be.

* Note: POs... We know that many pitchers are also contributing HS position players but the idea is to showcase the BEST of what you do. When you sign up as a PO, you will NOT be doing the defensive workout or taking BP or playing as a position player in the games, unless you have gained approval from Blaine Clemmens.
- 60 yard dash, laser timer finish
- Batting practice evaluation (8 swings) 
- Defensive workout evaluation at ONE position 
- Fair and equitable amount of defensive field time during the games, both at your primary position as well as other positions on the field 

2-WAY PLAYER (position player & pitcher)
- 60 yard dash, laser timer finish
- Batting practice evaluation (8 swings) 
- Defensive workout evaluation at ONE position 
- Fair and equitable amount of defensive field time during the games, both at your primary position as well as other positions on the field 
- Pitch to a minimum of 3 batters. It also possible that you will pitch more than that

NOTE: BAWS Director Blaine Clemmens needs to approve participation as a 2-way player