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BAWS 2021

BAWS 2021 * July 9-11 * Islanders Field

Islanders Field at River Islands

Welcome to the info page for BAWS 2021. We are excited about the event as we return, for a third time, to Islanders Field at River Islands in Lathrop.

BAWS 2019 was the first major event held at this one of a kind facility in Northern California that is now host to some of the best and most high profile baseball events in the region.

Prep Baseball Report California will once again be scouting and gathering data/stats at BAWS 2021.

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ALL players received: 
* BAWS jersey
*Showcase workout
(position players)
*Game play or simulated game play (each team plays 3 games)
* Video of showcase workout posted to your PBR profile (pitchers videoed during a couple of game at-bats, as well as your warm-up pitches)
Headshot for your BAWS & PBR Profiles
* Data/Stats/Metric recorded and posted to your BAWS & PBR profiles (position velocity via radar gun, 60-yd running time, pop times)
* BAWS 2021 will include gathering of TrackMan and Blast Motion data/metrics (also posted to your profiles) during BP rounds for position players and live pitching for the pitchers. Blast data provided includes hand speed, bat speed, rotational acceleration, and on plane efficiency. TrackMan records exit velocity, hard hit %, estimated distance, % of hit types (ground ball, line drive, fly ball). For pitchers, TrackMan records spin rates of each pitch, movement patterns (horizontal and vertical), extension at release, release height, and zone % for each pitch.

Select players will be highlighted during the event on the various BAWS & PBR social media platforms such as Twitter @PBR_California & @Clemmens_PBR & @BayAreaWS and Instagram @pbrcalifornia & @bayareaws - PLEASE GIVE US A FOLLOW

There will be post event follow up including stat leaders, top prospect reports, the possibility of being in PBR California state rankings, as well as consideration for regional and national level PBR INVITE ONLY events, and so much more. ALL of this for your registration to BAWS 2021!

Glimpse of some PBR California Coverage of BAWS 2019 & 2020
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BAWS 2019 - Underclassmen to Know

Highlights from BAWS 2019

BAWS is the longest running showcase of it's kind in Northern California (established 2004) and PBR is the most respected independent scouting resource in all of amateur baseball in the nation.

Over 900 colleges and pro scouts have subscriptions to PBR, while 39 former BAWSr's have reached the big leagues (Marcus Semien, Stephen Piscotty, Mitch Haniger, J.D. Davis are a few you may know) and over 800 former BAWSr's have gone on to D1 baseball, with hundreds others playing at other four-year level programs. That means we've seen a lot of talented kids over the years and have been trusted as contributors in their journey.


- Face a minimum of 9 hitters. if a pitcher is laboring to the point where I assess that injury becomes a higher risk (generally focusing on how many pitches are thrown in an inning), I reserve the right to keep that player healthy and end an outing early if need be, which may force him to fall short of 9 total batters faced.

* Note: POs... We know that many pitchers are also contributing HS position players but the idea is to showcase the BEST of what you do. When you sign up as a PO, you will NOT be doing the defensive workout or taking BP or playing as a position player in the games, unless you have gained approval from Blaine Clemmens.
- 60 yard dash, laser timed finish
- Batting practice evaluation (8-10 swings recorded by TrackMan) 
- Defensive workout evaluation at ONE position (unless a second is Ok'd by me) 
- Fair and equitable amount of defensive field time during game play or simulated game play, both at your primary position as well as other positions on the field as need be. Each player will hit twice in each of the three games/sim games.

2-WAY PLAYER (position player & pitcher)
- All that a position player gets plus... 
- Pitch to a minimum of 3 batters. It also possible that you will pitch more than that

NOTE: BAWS Director Blaine Clemmens needs to approve participation as a 2-way player