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BAWS 2018 - June 1-3, Klein Famly Field (Stockton, CA)

My son, Luke Short (2018 LHP, Los Gatos HS), participated in two BAWS events.  Both were very athlete focused, communication was great and the write-ups were helpful.  We also found the quality of the video we received as part of separate packages to be high quality and useful. Thanks for supporting our local youth baseball.

- Summer Short 

Prep Baseball Report has launched it's California franchise and BAWS is on the schedule of events they will cover!

Thank your for the great BAWS event in Santa Clara last month.  You are a terrific host and we are so thankful to have been invited the last two years.  Your baseball reputation, broadcasting publicity of local talent and trusted national following led to Beau being selected to represent the Northwest Region at the USA Baseball National Team Series this past week in Cary, NC. What an experience!

I don't believe he would have had the opportunity to compete at a national team event this summer without your marketing, tweets, broadcasts and sincere love of pushing local Bay Area talent to the next level.  We will forever be grateful to you and the BAWS organization.

Jay Barrington & Beau Barrington (Cardinal Newman HS, 2018)

The Registration "BAWS 2018 - June 1-3, Klein Famly Field (Stockton, CA)" is not currently available.

BAWS 2018 will be at Klein Family Field on the campus of University of Pacific

BAWS enters it's 15th year! Longest running showcase in Northern California, with more MLB players, more D1 players, than all others.

With the June 1-3 dates, players on the few teams in the NCS finals that weekend won't be able to compete, at least until their team is eliminated.  If your team does make it that far in NCS (good for you!), I can issue a refund or I can hold your funds for a future event. 

Also, school will still be in session for most kids, so the first day (June 1) will start later in the day (around 4:30 or so), which I've done plenty of times in the past.  Not all of the teams will participate on Friday, just those 4 teams closest to Stockton.  All teams will have the same exposure opportunities, but some will do all evaluations and games on Saturday and Sunday. 

Before you can register, you will need a registration password from me (email me  After contacting me, if I am not familiar with your player, I will check with my contacts about the player.  

The presence of Prep Baseball Report California and my role as Northern California Director of Scouting is a great benefit to BAWS partcipants.  Not only will players have local/regional exposure that comes with BAWS, but with PBR there will be NATIONAL exposure for those who earn it.  Top players will get entered into the California state rankings!  All players can create PBR profiles, subscribe to PBR and maintain the profile, etc.  BAWS will be the first major California showcase to be scouted by PBR.  That's great!  

This will not be a camp where college coaches are paid in order to guarantee their presence. This will be a straight forward showcase, with tools/skills evaluations, and game action.  Given the dates, we should have plenty of coaches in attendance.  Travel team coaches have indicated that the date works GREAT for their schedule.  I am talking about some of the highest profile travel teams in our region and they ARE sending their players to BAWS 2018.

High caliber HD video will be available, either as an option with your registration, or as a bigger video package that is separate from your registration.  You can contact Brian Pollzzie ( for the bigger video packages.  

As for which specific college coaches will be in attendance, I anticipate a lot of them, but as they are not paid to attend, I don't guarantee an individual school.  There are generally 6-8 West Coast teams that qualify for NCAA regionals (June 1-4), so that leaves an opportunity for the rest to attend.  On June 1-3 there isn't a lot yet happening in the summer season, so I think we are primed for a strong collection of colleges to attend the event, as well as a collection of talented ballplayers.

I am also going to try to limit the positions for each of the 6 rosters at around 26 players; 3 catchers, 2 1B, 2 3B, 4 MIF, 6 OF, 1 UTL, and 8 primary pitchers.  In fact, as of mid-late January, some of the rosters already are down to one spot remaining at some positions.  Don't be left out!

No event is as organized and as equitable for the players as BAWS. My personal attention is given to the smallest of details, including scouting the players, managing the playing time down to each and every at-bat for the players, each batter faced for the pitchers, communicating ALL game long EACH game, with my field staff, making sure all is going as it is supposed to for the players. 

For 14 years I have been providing great service and opportunities for talented and hard-working players.  Over those 14 years I've seen 29 former players reach MLB (no other local showcase organization can say that), over 700 players reach D1 baseball, and over 200 players get selected in the MLB draft.  

If you are not aware, BAWS has been in existence since 2004.  In 2008 I brought in two partners to co-own the event with me while I was scouting for the Braves (the name was changed to Rawlings Norcal World Series during those two years).  I left that partnership after my time with the Braves ended.  Because there were three of us in the partnership, when I left, the majority still retained ownership of the event.  So it can go in business. 

So it was in 2010 that I brought Bay Area World Series back.  I explain this because as time has gone by, a new generation of parents and players has no idea of my background, what I started, and why there are two regional "world series" events.  Now you know. 

I care about and take interest in EVERY player at my events.  I do not run a travel team/organization, which leaves me without conflicts of interest.  I showcase the players during the event and AFTER the event (reports, social media, video, player profiles), even MONTHS after the event as I will remain in your corner and be a resource in your recruiting efforts. 

Additionally, (I have had this conversation with plenty of travel ball coaches), you can send your top players to BAWS and not worry about them being recruited by other travel teams.  

Also, players who are already verbally committed won't be at BAWS.  I believe the uncommitted players deserve the showcase oppotunity.  Committed players can attend other events, such as Area Code tryouts, for opportunities to be evaluated as professional prospects.  

The link to the registration is above.  All the instructions are there (once you open that link) for how to register.  If you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to email me at

Blaine Clemmens
BAWS Director/Founder
Norther California Director of Scouting, Prep Baseball Report