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BAWS Uncommitted 2021 Grads

Stats not listed can be found w/in their PBR profile link. The notes, when referring to avg, plus, abv avg, middle of line-up hitter, etc, are relative to D1 baseball. Scroll down, they are organized by team.

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Coast Team (Silver)

C Nathan Wood (6'1" 175, R/R), Pacific Grove HS
Among most athletic catchers in CA in the 2021 class, that athleticism plays too. Quick release, plus agility for blocking and bouncing out of crouch. Can POP consistently around 2.0, abv avg arm. Projects to hit as well, w/XBH pop.

3B Jackson Gifford (5'11" 190, R/R), Harbor HS
Hit tool stood out. Quick trigger, short swing produced hard contact w/little effort. Projects to have extra base hit power w/ability to hit quality pitching. Solid avg defense tools, maybe capable of 2B or LF in addition to 3B. - Attending Cabrillo College

RHP/1B/3B Ben Pernetti (6'1" 205, L/R), Pleasant Grove HS
Physical man-type body, showed 2-way talent though stood out more brightly on mound. HEAVY stuff, zone pounder w/FB 83-88 (max 2305 spin) & potential hammer CB (70-74, avg spin 2431, max 2517). There is some LHH thump here too. - Attending Delta College

C Joey Lee (5'8" 160, R/R), Serra HS
Consistently showed a hit tool that looks very capable of playing at the next level. Short, compact, quick stroke with outstanding barrel feel. Projects to be able to hit quality pitching. Athletic catcher w/strong receiving/block skills. - Attending Canada College

1B Ben Singler (6'2" 265, R/R), Sequoia HS
Big football type body, by the frame the expectation would be that he can pound the ball, and he can. Only did the workout portion but put up impressive EV stats w/correlating Blast numbers. Plays 1B w/light feet and an accurate arm.

MIF Philip Penrose (5'9" 160, L/R), Salinas HS
Showed solid MIF defensive skills that project more for the right side of the diamond based on raw arm and range, has soft hands and plays a calm manner of defense. Offensively its a contact oriented approach w/solid bat to ball skills.

Delta Team (Orange)

C/3B Drake Bicknell (5'10" 185, R/R), Jesuit HS
Has ability to play well abv avg defense at both C/3B, plays calm, has tools, very comfortable w/pace of the game. Displays same traits at the plate, middle of line-up potential, chance to develop into impact player at collegiate level. - Attending College of the Desert

C Joey Adge (5'11" 185, R/R), Del Campo HS
All-around player at catcher position, possesses no less than average defensive abilities projecting to college level, clean catch/throw mechanics, accurate arm, strong bat w/plus barrel feel, went 3-4 (2 1B, 2B) in 4 AB, each ball scalded. - Attending Pima Community College

RHP/SS Fidel Ulloa (6'1" 175, R/R), Lodi HS
Quick arm, clean delivery, athletic on mound like many SS who transition to pitching. Has feel for the CB, gets FB up to 87, attacks hitters. Can't be written off as a hitter quite yet, showed barrel feel w/wood, compact swing and has strength.

RHP/1B/3B Bryce Baughman (6'1" 185, R/R), Placer HS
Low slot RHP reliever profile, pounds zone w/3 pitches (FB/SL/CHG), showed ability to lower his slot even further, low-80s w/projectability for more, middle of field approach at plate, barrel contact w/extra base pop in 4 of 6 plate appearances.

LHP Cristian Machado (5'11" 190), Heritage HS
Have seen multiple times in HS action, including outstanding performances in NCS playoff games, understands/trusts stuff, the raw velo was down in this look (could be lack of summer reps), but still showed pitchability w/full repertoire.

C Tyler Meehleis (6'0" 165, R/R), Lodi HS
Enthusiastic player, flashes projectable tools all-around for the catcher position, a bit more development over the next two years or so and he's got a chance to emerge as an average defensive catcher w/contributing offensive skills.

LHP/1B Hayden Hildenbrand (6'3" 180, L/L), Lodi HS
Rangy projectable body, strike thrower w/full repertoire which projects very nicely given his future size and strength gains. As weekend went on he found feel at the plate, driving the ball gap to gap. Much more development is ahead for him.

LHP Carson Szeder (5'10" 190), Whitney HS
Strong compact body type, has plenty of arm quickness and showed ability to get quality spin on the FB (max 2284). CB flashed quick change of direction, aggressive thrower though feel for the zone was somewhat elusive for him.

OF Colton Smithhart (5'10" 178, L/R), Lodi HS
Athlete who flashes tools that all have a chance to develop into usable at the collegiate level, given some continued years of development and consistency. He's strong, has bat speed, runs well enough (have seen as low as 7.19) & shows arm strength.

C/OF/P Garrett Faure (6'0" 185, R/R), Woodside HS
Focused and intense competitor, showed ability to make in-game and in-at-bat adjustments vs live pitching, interesting stuff on the mound, including a FB with some natural cut. Played OF in this look so didn't see at his best position of catcher.

RHP Lucas Ringenberg (6'2" 190), Alhambra HS
Consistently has shown the ability to mix his pitches and change speeds within the zone and elicit soft contact. Understands the craft of pitching. If/when the velocity spikes upward, the 'pitcher' he already is will be greatly enhanced.

INF Caleb Wall (5'10" 165, L/R), Lodi HS
Sound stroke, clean mechanics, showed feel for spraying the ball to all fields on workout day, timing issues showed up a bit in the sim-game competition, clean funnel type fielding mechanics w/soft hands, accurate thrower, calm actions.

East Bay Team (Royal Blue)

C Logan Mock (5'10" 170, R/R), Granada HS
Good tools, legitimate chance to hit for power, big time make-up and intangibles that make every team he is on better. Strong defensive tools (rcv, block, agility), grinding mentality, 2.01 pop was low we had between innings. Player. - Attending Delta College

C Nolan Barry (6'1" 190, R/R), Rio Americano HS
Big/strong w/athleticism that plays well at catcher. Physicality stands out both at the plate & behind the plate. Arm strength will play no less than avg beyond HS, there is juice in the bat & a hard-nosed style of play that exudes confidence. - Attending Sacramento City College

LHP Sam Winkles (6'2" 170), Acalanes HS
Have seen him mix three pitches (CB/CHG) in multiple viewings during the HS season and now the velocity is climbing, up to 84 in his outing, which again, showed his ability to 'pitch' and trust his stuff because of his plus feel for the zone. - Attending Cuesta College

RHP CJ Wigren (5'10" 155), College Park HS
It's the size of the fight in the dog... apt phrase here. The stuff won't wow anyone but his feel for the zone, his ability to change speeds, change shapes of pitches, get hitters out IN the zone, all of that showed up in this outing. Competitive!

1B Kadon Floro (5'11" 215, L/R), Buhach Colony HS
Of note he's younger brother of Dodgers reliever Dylan Floro. Physical LHH w/short stroke and ability to create power while maintaining bat control. Whippy life in the swing w/ample power potential. Competent and confident 1B defender.

LHP Jonny Burns (6'1" 195), De La Salle HS
Crafty LHP with strike throwing ability with multiple pitches. Comes right at hitters while utilizing his mix. The raw stuff will have to tick up a bit more but there is feel for pitching and enough arm speed to project more future velo.

North Bay Team (Green)

RHP/OF Eli Rainey (6'4" 190, R/R), Chico HS
Long and lean, highly athletic/projectable talent, displays legit two-way talent, ceiling looks a bit higher on mound where he's up to 87, can rip the slider as a K pitch, easy arm too. Does have range in OF & there is power in the bat. - Attending Sacramento City College

OF/RHP Jake Hamman (6'0" 170, R/R), Chico HS
Powerful actions, throw & run tools are abv avg (have seen 6.97 60), bat speed is there & power potential is projectable. Could fill any of the three OF spots & play plus defense, outstanding range. Gets on mound & flashes nasty stuff. - Attending Sacramento City College

1B Ian Avalos (5'11" 214, R/R), Vintage HS
Physical profile suggests most useful tool must be RHH power bat & that's exactly it. Not just a mauler, has the hit tool, routinely makes outstanding barrel contact, present usable power to all fields & there is more coming. Capable defender.

INF Jake Ferguson (5'9" 165, R/R), Tamalpais HS
Appears more physical than the listed size, simple positive comment is that he's good at baseball. Tools aren't exceptional but he's got skill and feel for the game. Gap/gap approach, XBH talent, good infield feet, capable at all INF spots. - Attending College of Marin

IF/OF Justin Sullivan (5'8" 155, R/R), Cardinal Newman HS
Interesting player, multi-position talent, could evolve into true utility man, possesses plus run tool, has feel for bat, can compete vs quality pitching, grinder style of play, could see a role as UTL/PH early in college career then go from there.

RHP/OF Joey Van Dusen (6'0" 170, R/R), Chico HS
Competed as 2-way player w/pitching ceiling/present ability showing stronger. Quick arm, good athlete, spins the FB well which allows for higher projection than the 84 mph he touched. Flashed offensive talent that can blossom. - Attending Sacramento City College

RHP Dylan Simmons (6'2" 155), Vanden HS
Lean bodied, been steadily getting taller/stronger over last few years. Has always shown attacking-strike throwing ability w/fearless approach and now the velo is creeping up as his arm speed has increased. Good stuff still ahead for him.

LHP Ryan Shimabukuro (6'0" 160), St. Mary's College HS
At first glance, the traditional metrics (mph) don't grab attention, but a look further and the 2431 max spin on the FB, as a lean body LHP who is a ways from physical maturity, paints a more full future picture. The arm works well too.

OF/RHP Ryan Muir (6'2" 160, L/R), Monte Vista HS
Long/lean body, a ways from physical maturity. Showed stronger as a position player, with decent speed, high EV and average arm. Three pitch mix on the mound and a projectable body/arm. Given time to get stronger he can blossom.

South Bay Team (Red)

OF/LHP Josh Algarin (5'9" 150, L/L), The King's Academy
Comp that keeps coming up for him is MLB OF Jon Jay and at his best, he sure looks the part. Runs well, throws well, plenty of bat speed, abv avg defense, has XBH pop, best when slashing to all fields & putting pressure on the D. - Attending Ohlone College

OF Nathan Morris (5'10" 165, L/L), Bellarmine Prep
Plus speed from the left side of the plate, taking that plus speed up another notch. He makes a lot of left side contact, routinely putting pressure on the defense. His arm plays best in LF though the range/speed fit in CF.

RHP Callum Olsen (6'1" 180), Palo Alto HS
Very intriguing outing, FB up to 86, sitting mid-80s w/abv avg movement. Flashed high spin rate on the heater (2512 max), while also putting good spin on the CB. CHG is also quite good. The frame is projectable, as is the raw stuff.

1B/3B Pranav Sundar (6'0" 220, R/R), California HS
Big body can be shaped into a physical presence. Takes aggressive swings intent on damage. Made consistently hard contact to all fields to give a glimpse of the impact power he can develop. Defensively the profile fits best at 1st base.

C Jaden Mazzaferro (5'10" 180, L/R), Los Gatos HS
LHH catchers draw attention and he's got some tools to warrant attn from the college game. Has present extra base pop, uses whole field, & athleticism to play a secondary position. Arm strength/POPs can improve to raise his profile.

MIF Kai Hori (5'9" 150, L/R), Los Gatos HS
Good baseball player, showed a solid all-around game w/capabilities both at the plate and in the field. Profiles as a contact hitting 2nd baseman w/ability to contribute at SS. Opposite field approach w/ability to move the baseball.

OF Hayden Jung-Goldberg (6'0" 180, L/R), Palo Alto HS
Showed plenty of LHH talent when added to knowledge that his older brother plays at USD, makes him quite intriguing. Fluid swing, works middle of field, has plenty of positive physical development ahead, XBH potential is present.

RHP Will Pires (6'2" 170), Serra HS
Long and athletic build projects well beyond HS. The stuff and repertoire is interesting w/ability to manipulate the ball with multiple types of spin and movement patterns. Can cut the FB and showed ability to add and subtract off his FB.

1B Tyler Madden (6'1" 225, R/R), Live Oak HS
There is the potential for real raw power as he continues to evolve. Has no trouble showing pop to the pull side. Hands are strong and loose, there is some 'country-strong' to his hitting talents. Showed ability to use middle of field in BP.

MIF Kai Holm (5'10" 160, R/R), Sequoia HS
Athletic body type though modest physical size, athletic swing, creates rhythm and maintains balance throughout the swing. Soft defensive hands, technically sound footwork with fair range, tools project better on right side of the bag.

Valley Team (Light Blue)

OF/RHP Ryan Vance (5'10" 165, R/R), Clovis North HS
Talented athlete, flashes glimpses of tools that should blossom as he gets stronger in the coming years. Multiple tools close to getting to the eye-catching level. Took the ball & tossed a quality inning, getting up to 84 & more is in there.

1B Dominic McLaughlin (5'10" 195, R/R), Hanford HS
Two things stood out, his outstanding play around the bag on multiple picks on short hops that were well above average in difficulty level. Offensively he's got some thump, grinded out ABs vs quality pitching & projects to hit in college.

RHP Evan Odin (6'1" 190), Lincoln HS
Later learned he was pitching through some back pain issues; arm action is clean, body is attractive, got the FB up to 85 even at less than 100%, aggressively threw strikes w/all 3 pitches. When healthy he's one to keep an eye on.

RHP Riley Carlos (5'10" 165), American Canyon HS
Average bodied RHP w/athletic delivery & ability to mix multiple pitches, pounded the zone. Pitched to contact while changing speeds, quick pace/work kept pressure on hitters. FB & SL spin both project quite a bit more velo will come.