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BAWS 2018 SCHEDULE - JUNE 1-3 (updated 5/15, 5:00 PM)

2018 South Bay BAWS-Stars

UPDATED SCHEDULE as of 5:07 PM on 5/15/18

Regarding team assignments, please remember that ALL team assignments are subject to change, even in the week before the event, please continue to check. As players leave the event and are added to the event, most important is roster balance, which at times means I have to shuffle some players around. Make sure you refer to the alphabetical list of players to find your name and your team.

Planned pitching is listed below... of course there could be others for certain circumstances and things can change, but here you have an idea, if you are a PO, what game you can be at and when. If you are a two-way player and are listed, show up for all the games.

Pitchers, assume you will be facing 4-5 batters each inning. If a hitter is walked or hit by a pitch, he stays at the plate, we go to a 1-1 count, and the pitcher will throw FASTBALLS only. Please limit your pick-off moves. This is a showcase, not a section championship game. Attack the zone, show scouts that you can get hitters out with your competitive stuff in the zone.

Friday, June 1

4:30-4:45 - Check-in for Contra Costa & Sac/Solano
5:30 - Hitting Evaluation - Contra & Sac/Solano
6:00 - Defense Evaluation - Contra & Sac/Solano

6:30 - Game #1 - Contra & Sac/Solano
Contra Pitching: Meyer, E Burns, Huffman, Clark
Sac/Solano Pitching: Gonzalez, Hawkins, Cannella, Torres

Saturday, June 2

8:00-8:30 - Check-in for East/South/Peninsula/North
9:00 - Hitting Evaluations - East/South
9:30 - Hitting Evaluations - Peninsula/North
10:15 - Defense Evaluations - Peninsula/North
10:45 - Defense Evaluations - East/South

11:15 - Game #2 - Peninsula & North Bay
Penin pitching: Ray, Eglite, Cava, Olsen
North pitching: Flowers, Mingham, Dunkle, McMahon

1:45 - Game #3 - South Bay & Peninsula
South pitching: Iversen, Gonzales, Duey, Myers
Penin pitching: Conroy, Hubbard, Drew, Mo, Torpey, Kenison

4:15 - Game #4 - North Bay & South Bay
North pitching: Spears, Day, Freeman, V Mauterer
South pitching: McCann, Soto, Thomas-Munoz, Dominguez

6:30 - Game #5 - East Bay & Contra Costa
East pitching: Tanner, Sullivan, Burkland, Snook
Contra pitching: Doris, Liechty, Dexter, Machado

8:45 - Game #6 - Sac/Solano & East Bay
Sac/Solano pitching: Bassi, Wagner, Simmons, Aarnio
East pitching: Patanapanich, Hoffman, James, Gomez

Sunday, June 3

10:00 - Game #7
12:15 - Game #8
2:30 - Game #9

Teams for each time slot on Sunday will be announced/posted Saturday night, as soon as I can determine the appropriate match-ups.

If you are on North or Peninsula or South or East and you are in town on Friday and you want your uniform, please feel free to come by the stadium and go to the front table to get it.

There is a high school graduation on the UOP campus on Friday, so parking will be available, but it will be impacted, so be aware. There is no charge for parking. 

The university will be running the concession stand at the facility, which is a good thing.

Thank you,

Blaine Clemmens