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Team Contra Costa

Contra Costa team sponsor since 2004

JONATHAN ALLEN (2015, OF/IF, L/R, 6'2" 175, 3.3 GPA) CLAYTON VALLEY CHARTER (BCR – 4) – Talented player with good hit tools, buggy whip type swing, stroked it well to all fields, game ABs better than BP, has lively wrists/hands, loose arm, tracked it down well, plays OF with good tempo, 4.69 H-1B

MYLES COSTON (2015, MIF/P, R/R, 5'10" 180, 3.12 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4 IF / 3 P) – Strong player, consistent barrel, gap power, balanced, athleticism works, soft INF hands, strong accurate arm, plays with quiet confidence, 4.8 H-1B; High 3/4 slot, good presence, late CB bite, FB good down life, FB 82-85, CB 70-72 - FRESNO STATE

MAX FLOWER (2016, RHP/OF, R/R, 6'3" 190, 3.5 GPA) CAMPOLINDO HS (BCR – 4 P / 3 OF) – Strong lean athletic build, fast hands, projects to have plus power, has tools but ability on mound could explode, 4.89 H-1B; easy 3/4 arm action, creates good leverage, good body control, can sink the FB, FB 84-86, SL 71

SAM GELLER (2015, RHP, 6'0" 160, GPA NOT GIVEN) LA CANADA HS (BCR – 1) – Late entry to event, plays for APS, low 3/4 slot, smooth delivery, calm on the mound, chance to repeat delivery, has good mechanics, natural sink, flashed control of a slippery breaking ball, FB 69-71, CB 63-64

LORENZO GOMEZ (2015, LHP, 5'10" 160, 3.13 GPA) HERITAGE HS (BCR – 4) – Strong body, good lower half, low 3/4 slot, quick arm, ball comes out easily, short arm action, creates some deception, aggressive, good presence, in vs RHH well, three quality pitches, makes adjustments, FB 82-84, CB 66-70, CHG 75-76

RYAN JEFFRIES (2015, 1B/3B/OF, R/R, 6'2" 190, 3.8 GPA) MONTE VISTA HS (BCR – 2) – Has a chance to keep developing into a run producing type of hitter, loud contact when finding the barrel, strong hands, ball exits bat well, loose wrists, primarily a pull approach, projects as corner OF/1B, 5.15 H-1B

JOSEPH JENNISON (2015, RHP, 6'3" 175, 3.1 GPA) MONTE VISTA HS (BCR – 3) – Long lean body, projectable body type and arm action, loose quick arm, arm speed suggests velocity spike when he’s stronger, quick worker, really stayed down in the zone well, CB has good bite, FB 82-84, CB 70-71

JASON KRESKE (2015, 1B/OF, L/L, 6'1" 165, 3.6 GPA) CLAYTON VALLEY CHARTER (BCR – 4) – Talented all-around player, lean agile body type, graceful actions, smooth pretty swing, hands really work, middle approach, all fields hitter, loose arm, accurate, excellent feet, soft hands, impact defender.

TYLER LONESTAR (2015, RHP, 6'1" 180, 3.0 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4) – Good build, sturdy and athletic, OH slot, has a strong arm, former 3B, creates leverage, can stay on-line to plate better, FB will come on, good CB shape, good spin, chance to be a plus pitch, CHG with some dive action, FB 83-85, CB 70-74, CHG 78 - SAINT MARY'S

CHRISTIAN MAAS (2015, 3B/P, B/R, 6'5" 180, 3.38 GPA) BISHOP O'DOWD HS (BCR – 3 both) – Long and lanky, tools will blossom with strength, LHH oppo approach, sees it well, stays on the ball, works inside as RHH, ball exits hand well, good feet/soft hands, 5.1 H-1B; OH slot, loose arm, feel of three pitches, FB nice run, fields position, projects nicely, FB 79-80, CB 68-70, CHG 70-71

KEVIN MILAM (2016, RHP, 6'0" 190, 3.43 GPA) HERITAGE HS (BCR – 5) – Strong powerful build, durable body type, high 3/4 slot, long loose arm action, quick arm, FB out of hand easy, kept CB down, uses it well as out pitch, has feel, FB 84-89, CB 72-75, CHG 75 - SAINT MARY'S

RYAN MILLIGAN (2015, SS, R/R, 5'10" 160, 3.6 GPA) CLAYTON VALLEY CHARTER (BCR – 4) – Well-rounded player, high level skills, athletic INF, smooth defense, plays with feel and plays easy, strong arm, wristy hitting hands, quick bat, sees it well, middle approach, all field line drive stroke, player, 4.55 H-1B

BLAKE OGBURN (2015, 1B/OF, L/L, 6'3" 240, GPA NOT GIVEN) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 3) – Physical hitter, drives ball to left center gap, power happens easy, really good when front side doesn’t fly, chance for avg AND pwr, soft hands around bag, range limited but will make his plays, 5.05 H-1B

JOHN QUINN (2015, OF/2B, R/R, 5'11" 175, 3.5 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 3) – Has raw talent, especially with bat, ball jumps off bat, really intent on hitting it hard, pull approach, hands are fast, strong kid, speed to cover ground at corner OF spot, arm has some carry, 2B/3B would be interesting, 4.62 H-1B

CONNOR REDMOND (2016, SS/P, R/R, 6'2" 162, 3.1 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4 both) – Multi-talented player, excellent infielder, promising pitcher, good contact stroke, has bat speed, projectable body, recruitable talent both ways, 4.92 H-1B; quick arm, high 3/4 slot, whippy, good sink, repeats, FB 82-84 - CAL POLY

ARMAN SABOURI (2016, LHP, 5'10" 160, 3.83 GPA) BRANHAM HS (BCR – 4) – Talented lefty can effectively mix three quality pitches, repeatable delivery, easy arm, high 3/4 slot, at his best he carves, FB sneaky quick w/run and life, has feel of CHG, throws CB w/touch. FB 79-84, CB 68, CHG 70-71

KEVIN SANDRI (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'9" 150, 3.55 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4) – Excellent defensive infielder capable of playing plus D at 2B or SS, plus hands/feet, strong accurate arm w/quick release, showed bat skills too, quick bat, loose wrists, flashed gap pwr potential, can steal a bag, 4.55 H-1B - UC DAVIS

ANDREW SCHATZ (2015, C, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.3 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4) – Perhaps the best all-around performer at BAWS, drove ball to all fields, produced in RBI situations, consistent barrel contact, some natural lift, blocked/smothered well, threw out 3 runners, POPs 2.08-2.14, 4.75 H-1B

CAMERON SCHNEIDER (2015, RHP, 6'6" 235, 4.0 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 5) – Big frame, OH slot, deep backside extension, easy arm, creates leverage, FB with good tilt and late downward life, feel of the SL which flashed as a potential D1 out pitch, power sink/power slider potential, FB 84-86, SL 76-78

ARMANI SMITH (2016, CF/SS, R/R, 6'1" 180, 2.5 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4) – Exciting athlete tools are there, projects as impact defender in CF, long loping strides, graceful/strong, good bat speed, loose wrists, ball jumps off barrel, aggressive runner, type of player scout’s eyes are drawn to, 4.56 H-1B - UC SANTA BARBARA

RAY SODERMAN (2015, C/3B, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.7 GPA) SAN RAMON VALLEY HS (BCR – 3) – Performed with bat at high level, threw out two runners, showed extra base power line to line, sees ball well, quiet set-up, solid arm strength, good accuracy, feet can quicken a bit, POPs 2.03-2.19, 4.88 H-1B

DREW TRESSEN (2015, OF/C, R/R, 6'0" 185, 3.33 GPA) SAN RAMON VALLEY HS (BCR – 3) – Versatile player, bat got stronger each day, lots of hard contact middle of field, nice plate coverage, aggressive hitter, ran bases well, easy accurate OF arm, smooth actions, caught well too, 4.68 H-1B.

ALEX TSURUDA (2015, 2B/INF, R/R, 5'10" 175, 3.01 GPA) SAN RAMON VALLEY HS (BCR – 3) – Multi-positional infielder capable of making plays in OF too, solid useful arm, good feet, nice release, fundamentally strong D, heady player, good verbal skills, middle of field contact approach, 4.95 H-1B - BRIGHAM YOUNG

JOE VRANESH (2016, OF, R/R, 6'1" 180, 3.75 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 4) – “Hitterish” is the word that comes to mind, bat head stays in zone through contact point, power to all fields, crushed mistake pitches, loves to hit, accurate OF arm, ball comes out well, nice release, corner OF, 4.58 H-1B

JOE WHIPPLE (2015, LHP, 5'11" 145, 3.83 GPA) PITTSBURG HS (BCR – 2) – Crafty LHP who made conversion from OF/P to full-time pitcher, slippery stuff, high 3/4 slot, long sling arm action, loose and quick, good hang-read move, holds runners well, athletic delivery, FB tails late, CB feel, FB 74-76, CB 66

CHARLES ZALOUMIS (2015, C/2B, B/R, 5'8" 165, 3.2 GPA) MONTE VISTA HS (BCR – 4) – Versatile player, strong D at MIF and catcher, excellent D at 2B, energetic with some swagger, sees ball well both sides, sprays all fields, runs well, POPs 2.0-2.09 - SAINT MARY'S