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Team South Bay

MACKLAN BADGER (2015, C/1B, R/R, 6'1" 180, 3.4 GPA) MENLO SCHOOL (BCR – 1) – Long and rangy body type, still projectable, good agility for the catching position, consistent pop times, solid arm will keep improving, chance to hit as he stays on ball longer, showed nice timing, POPs 2.26-2.33, 4.95 -1B

CONNOR BARRETT (2015, RHP/UTL, R/R, 6'3" 165, 3.2 GPA) LEIGH HS (BCR – 3) – Lean lanky projectable build, high 3/4 slot, loose quick arm, nice whippy arm action, velo will climb w/phys maturity, can use lower half better, flashed sink FB w/biting CB, FB 80-82, CB 67-70; smooth OF, easy swing, 4.75 H-1B

HUNTER BIGGE (2016, RHP/3B, R/R, 6'0" 180, 4.1 GPA) LOS GATOS HS (BCR – 3) – Strong buld, put together well, OH slot, clean arm action, fields position very well, keeps FB down well, good life down in the zone, spins breaking ball well, potential to be a future out pitch, FB 82-83, CB 69-71; good barrel, strong arm at 3B

DEVON CANTY (2015, OF/3B, R/R, 6'0" 190, 2.7 GPA) ST. FRANCIS HS (BCR – 3) – Strong player, potential to be a physical hitter, power happens easy, good OF arm, also showed ability to play 3B effectively, throws carry well, can quicken up OF release a bit, good overall athlete, 4.63 H-1B

ANDREW CARTER (2015, OF/LHP, L/L, 6'0" 155, 3.86 GPA) ST. FRANCIS HS (BCR – 4) – Two way talent, easy swing, excellent hands, loose wrists, really quick to pull side, sees ball well, played on move in OF, strong sling type arm, excellent ball tracker, no fear; Long high 3/4 slot, quick arm, good presence, good FB command, big steep CB, excellent finish on CHG, FB 79-81, CB 70, CHG 68-72

BRENDT CITTA (2015, C, R/R, 6'2" 185, 2.8 GPA) LELAND HS (BCR – 5) – Total package catcher, high level athlete, good receiver, blocks well, has agility, plus arm, accurate thrower, runs well too, plus bat speed, consistent barrel contact, drives ball all fields, bat head in zone long time, POPs 1.94-2.05, 4.62 H-1B / Spalding Most Outstanding Catcher - SAN JOSE STATE

KODIAK CONRAD (2015, LHP, 6'4" 165, 4.02 GPA) MENLO-ATHERTON HS (BCR – 3) – Long rangy lefty who came to event after some time rehabbing a leg injury, very projectable, OH slot, long arm action, nice arm action, uses height well, creates angle w/pitches, stuff will climb, FB 78, CB 58, CHG 68-70

JOHN FEROGLIA (2016, RHP, 6'0" 180, 2.94 GPA) ST. FRANCIS HS (BCR – 2) – Strong build, looked like athlete on mound, OH slot, quick arm, timing can improve to free up his arm earlier, arm strength will keep velo climbing, pretty compact delivery, nice FB run, feel of CB, FB 78-80, CB 66-67, CHG 71

RYAN GAULT (2016, 2B/UTL, R/R, 5'11" 165, 4.0 GPA) LOS GATOS HS (BCR – 3) – Young talented athlete, runs well, versatile defensive player, solid arm, quick INF release, good hitting hands, knows how to find barrel, works inside well, strong hands on young guy, short contact stroke, nice talent, 4.53 H-1B

SKYLER GULLEY (2015, OF/IF, R/R, 6'1" 155, 3.15 GPA) DOUGHERTY VALLEY HS (BCR – 2) – Athletic player, athleticism showed up very well in the OF, went after ball very well, excellent ball hawk, easy arm will keep getting stronger, loose whippy swing, projectable hitter, has bat speed, 4.75 H-1B

PRESTON HEEN (2015, LHP, L/L, 5'9" 160, 3.0 GPA) HOMESTEAD HS (BCR – 1) – Compact build, high 3/4 slot, fairly quick arm, extreme cross body stride, got a lot of angle on his pitches, effectively got in on RHH, all FBs with cutting action, breaking ball has slurve break, can get GBs, FB 69-72, CB 59

HARRY HIBBERD (2016, OF, R/R, 5'10" 170, 4.0 GPA) LOS GATOS HS (BCR – 3) – Young athletic player with tools that will blossom, strong OF arm, throws carry, runs well and should even get faster, has bat speed, nice hand path, power will come on in next year, a little raw now but is talented, 4.59 H-1B

TOMMY HUDSON (2015, RHP/1B/3B, R/R, 6'5" 250, 3.2 GPA) ARCHBISHOP MITTY HS (BCR – 5)Arizona State football commitment; impact on mound or as hitter, plus plus raw power, plus arm, showed well at 3B, could handle RF; OH slot, big arm, short arm action, compact delivery, FB late run, occasional plus finish on CB, FB 85-89, CB 73-75, CHG 73  

RODERICK JONES (2015, 1B, R/R, 6'0" 185, 3.1 GPA) MILPITAS HS (BCR – 2) – Has flashed bat potential for a couple of seasons, hard worker, patient hitter, calm presence, hands work, swing happens pretty easy, power will develop in coming years, good hands at 1B, good feet, solid arm, 5.05 H-1B

MICHAEL LYONS (2015, RHP/UTL, R/R, 5'10" 160, 3.5 GPA) VALLEY CHRISTIAN HS (BCR – 3 P / 2 IF/OF) – Showed VERY well as submarine RHP, worked in/out well, also up/down well, athletic delivery, good feel for zone, nice sink, showed feel for SL too, FB 73-75, SL 63; solid utility position player, runs well, hands work at plate, threw well in OF, good feet in INF, 4.48 H-1B

NIALL MANNING (2015, RHP, 6'5" 190, 3.5 GPA) ARCHBISHOP MITTY HS (BCR – 3) – Long and strong body, prototypical body, has good arm speed, strong delivery, long arm, high 3/4 slot, has a strong arm, has more velocity coming, good feel for CHG, dives like split, FB moves, FB 81-83, CB 67, CHG 72

ADDISON MOCK (2015, OF, R/R, 5'11" 186, 3.8 GPA) ST. LAWRENCE ACADEMY (BCR – 2) – Strong hitter, willing to take a big rip, plus bat speed, aggressive, seems very strong, strong OF arm, ball really jumps off his bat, a bit raw offensively but has bat talent, runs well enough too, could come on, 4.69 H-1B

MICHAEL PANGELINAN (2015, OF, R/R, 6'0" 180, 3.65 GPA) DOUGHERTY VALLEY HS (BCR – 3) – Lean strong athletic build, ball was jumping off his bat all event, bat head in zone long time, great extension, solid athlete in OF, solid arm, runs pretty well, intriguing player will keep developing, 4.63 H-1B

ADAM PARK (2015, 2B, R/R, 5'9" 140, 3.9 GPA) OVERFELT HS (BCR – 1) – Smallish frame and at this time strength is what is needed to enhance his skills, solid INF feet, arm has chance, hands seem to really work at the plate, aggressive swing, works inside the ball, has good contact skills, 4.95 H-1B

MITCHELL SANCIER (2015, C/3B/P, R/R, 6'2" 215, 2.63 GPA) WESTMONT HS (BCR – 4) – Strong offensive minded catcher, lots loud barrel contact all fields, strong swing but under control, good balance, receives well, strong arm, ball exits hand well, POPs 2.11-2.19, 4.68 H-1B; OH slot, long arm action, aggressive delivery, CB has some depth, FB 81-82, CB 70

JOHN SZCZESNY (2015, RHP, 5'11" 150, 3.5 GPA) MT. PLEASANT HS (BCR – 3) – Crafty pitcher with chance for three quality college pitches, lean and still needs some time for size/strength, quick arm, good feel of ball, compact delivery, high 3/4 slot, CB bites, good FB sink at times, FB 80-84, CB 63-67 

JASON TATE (2015, RHP, 6'2" 175, 3.9 GPA) VALLEY CHRISTIAN HS (BCR – 2) – Lean strong body type, extreme OH slot, has arm speed, high leg lift, agile body, creates down angle with all pitches, has some run on the tilted FB, 12/6 CB, lower slot might allow for more velocity, FB 78-83, CB 70-73, CHG 72

ERICH WERNER (2015, 2B/3B, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.9 GPA) ARCHBISHOP MITTY HS (BCR – 3) – Strong body, long arms, still could gain plenty size, showed good INF hands, moved through ball well in games, accurate arm, solid arm, quick hands at plate, no load, could use bit of rhythm, quiet approach, 4.61 H-1B

RYAN WILCOX (2017, RHP/IF, R/R, 5'11" 165, 4.07 GPA) LOS GATOS HS (BCR – 3) – Talented young pitcher, quick arm, OH slot, loose arm, deep stab on backside, creates some leverage, fields position really well, athletic delivery, good arm, delivery drifts a bit to 1B side at times, FB 78-81, CB 66; hands work at plate, runs pretty well, good young athlete, 4.65 H-1B