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Team North Bay

BILLY ALTEN (2015, C, R/R, 5'9" 165, 3.8 GPA) MARIN CATHOLIC HS (BCR – 2) – Classic defense-first type of catcher, very good receiver, excellent pitch presentation, solid catch/throw skills, really good feet in throw transfer, arm a bit long, middle of field hit approach, contact skills, POPs 2.15-2.24, 5.02 H-1B

CLAYTON ANDREWS (2015, CF, L/L, 5'6" 140, GPA N/A) MARIA CARRILLO HS (BCR – 4) – Igniter type, Spalding Most Exciting Player, tracks down everything, great jumps/angles, strong accurate arm, quick bat, sprays to all fields, has gap pop, can turn on it, runs well and has basestealing skills, 4.58 H-1B

BLAKE BERRY (2016, MIF, L/R, 5'11" 160, 3.0 GPA) CASA GRANDE HS (BCR – 3) – Multi-dimensional hitter, easy bat speed, aggressive, flat swing, buggy whip life w/some pull pop, has small game skills, good INF feet, good hands, plays through ball on the move, good arm, elbow bit low at times, 4.62 H-1B

JAKE BERRY (2016, MIF, R/R, 6'0" 175, 3.1 GPA) ACALANES HS (BCR – 3) – Flashed some potential well above average tools, confident player, strong accurate arm, good glove skills, seems to slow the game down well on D, has bat speed and some pop, rotational hitter, quiet small load, player, 4.72 H-1B

JOE CANEPA (2016, 1B, L/R, 6'2" 205, 3.4 GPA) VINTAGE HS (BCR – 4) – Big physical young player with loads of hitting potential, very strong, easy power, hitterish, great ABs in tough L on L match-ups, stays on CB well, quick feet around bag, good arm, accurate feeds to 2B, quick reactions, 4.87 H-1B

JOHN CARDINALE (2015, RHP, 5'11" 175, 3.73 GPA) NAPA HS (BCR – 2) – Classic overhand slot, good release point, good lower base in delivery, arm showed resiliency with better velo in 2nd outing, has arm speed to increase velo with size/strength gains, CB showed decent depth, FB 80-83, CB 61-63

CAL CLAMAR (2015, LHP, 6'2" 180, 2.87 GPA) CARDINAL NEWMAN HS (BCR – 4) – Combination of craftiness-feel-stuff, good body type, 3/4 slot w/whippy sling arm action, tough slot on LHH, lots of late FB run/movement just off barrel, slippery CB, has little late CHG movement, FB 78-83, CB 70-73, CHG 75

CLAY DUNKLE (2015, C/UTL, R/R, 5'10" 190, 4.19 GPA) JUSTIN-SIENA HS (BCR – 3) – Strong compact body, ballplayer at catcher position, quick feet/transfer, strong block/control skills, uses athleticism well, feel for hitting, good plate coverage, strong contact approach, stays back on CB, POPs 2.10-2.20, 4.58 H-1B

BRENDON FISCHEL (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'10" 165, 4.4 GPA) EUREKA HS (BCR – 3) – Sneaky good player, tools not big yet but high level of playability, good IF hands, made plays in IF and OF, good on tough pop-ups, good hitting hands, lively swing, good barrel control, sees it, some leverage, 4.79 H-1B

AUSTIN GABBERT (2015, OF, L/L, 5'9" 165, 3.6 GPA) PETALUMA HS (BCR – 4) – Outstanding hitting prospect, very comfortable in the box, hitterish, lots of loud barrel contact, drives ball to all fields, not big but strong and ball jumps off bat, has extra base power, moves well in OF, smooth, solid arm will improve

TYLER KELLEY (2016, LHP, 5'10" 165, 4.33 GPA) SANTA ROSA HS (BCR – 1) – Young lefthander showed willingness to compete, overhand slot, worked on mixing FB/CB combo, adding some delivery deception will help, has feel for throwing strikes, can improve control in the zone, FB 73-74, CB 60-61

PAUL KUNST (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'8" 150, 3.5 GPA) MARIN CATHOLIC HS (BCR – 3) – Gamer type, winning type of player, highly competitive, great feet, good hands, quick release, can play on move, good hitting hands, quiet approach, ready to hit, battles, best when working a line drive approach, 4.54 H-1B

JOHNNY MacLEAN (2015, CF, L/L, 6'2" 190, 4.1 GPA) MARIN CATHOLIC HS (BCR – 4) – Full package prospect, athletic body, plays like an athlete, glides in OF, strong arm, confident, pull side power but also willing to hit where pitched/flip ball to oppo field, quick loose strong hands, big bat potential, 4.68 H-1B - HARVARD

TONY MARTIGNOLI (2015, RHP, R/R, 6'2" 170, 2.62 GPA) PINER HS (BCR- 2) – Lean body, still quite projectable, OH slot, short backside arm action, arm speed that will allow velo spike with strength gains, competitor who rose to challenge when in trouble, feel of slippery CB, will come on, FB 80-83, CB 70-73

KEENAN NEU (2016, INF, R/R, 5'10" 185, 3.3 GPA) ST. FRANCIS HS (BCR – 3) – Showed well both on D and in the box, hands are a strong asset in both phases, nice middle of field hit approach, works hands inside, lots of hard contact to all fields, hammered mistakes, good adjustments to bad hops, 4.82 H-1B

ANDRE NNEBE (2016, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'6" 215, 3.86 GPA) ST. MARY'S COLLEGE HS (BCR – 5 both) – Top tier prospect on mound and as position player, moves great in the OF, strong arm, powerful swing w/bat control, future plus power, 4.59 H-1B; OH slot, long easy arm, good extension, can mix, future plus FB, FB 84-88, CB 70-74, CHG 71 - VERBAL TO SANTA CLARA

CONNOR NYMAN (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'10" 166, 3.6 GPA) DEERFIELD ACADEMY (BCR – 3) – Versatile player, made plays at 3 IF spots and OF, strong accurate arm, smooth feet, good release, soft hands, slows the game down, contact approach, short quick stroke, runs bags hard, lets ball travel, 4.78 H-1B

DRAKE PARETTI (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'10" 165, 3.5 GPA) PETALUMA HS (BCR – 2) – Strong defensively oriented player, good hands, good feet, gets rid of it quickly, solid usable arm, plays very nice angles, can compete at 3 INF spots, flashed good middle of field hit approach, some good barrel contact, 4.73 H-1B

JACK PRIDY (2015, INF/UTL, R/R, 5'9" 190, 3.77 GPA) NAPA HS (BCR – 4) – No player made more loud barrel contact, drove ball to all fields, confident hitter w/some swagger, strong loose fast hands, lets ball travel, uses body well in swing, played strong D all over field, best at 3B/2B, player, gritty, 4.87 H-1B

ZACH SCOTT (2015, 1B/LHP, R/L, 6'0" 200, 3.9 GPA) MARIA CARRILLO HS (BCR- 2) – Flashed the right profile for a college 1B, strength and timing with bat, ball exited barrel well, moved around bag nicely, accurate feeds, soft hands, good arm, 4.91 H-1B; 3/4 slot, short quick arm action, muscles it a bit, FB 80-81, CB 67

AARON SHORTRIDGE (2015, RHP, 6'2" 165, 3.21 GPA) VINTAGE HS (BCR- 5) – Rangy body, wide sloping shoulders, long arms, big hands w/long fingers, OH, fast loose arm, aggressive, high energy delivery, good body control, lower half creates deception, pounds zone, FB life, sharp quick late CB action, FB 84-87, CB 71-73 - CAL

VINCENT TANISAWA (2015, RHP/3B, 6'0" 180, 3.5 GPA) FOOTHILL HS (BCR – 3 P / 2 3B) – Strong physical build, powerful strength, strong arm, feet move a bit quickly, pull power, aggressive swing, 4.98 H-1B; OH, hides ball a bit, high lift, strong compact delivery, stuff jumped out of hand better on day two, FB 81-84

KYLE VANDERSCHOOT (2015, OF, R/R, 5'11", 4.2 GPA) NAPA HS (BCR – 3) – Has a couple of tools that can develop, long arm action in OF could translate to mound in the future, aggressive swing with whippy life, runs well and is athletic, middle approach, chokes up but still generates bat speed, sees ball well, 4.32 H-1B

HUNTER WILLIAMS (2015, RHP, L/R, 6'2" 210, GPA N/A) PETALUMA HS (BCR – 2) – Big strong body, durable build, OH slot, tilts shoulders which can create some deception, can get to bottom of zone with good FB angle, can hold runners better, OH curve with occasional depth, FB 80-83, CB 62-66, CHG 72