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Team Peninsula

JACK ANDREWS (2015, 1B, R/R, 6'0" 220, 3.3 GPA) PALO ALTO HS (BCR – 2) – Big physical hitter, drove the ball really well the opposite way, fairly compact stroke that produces some power, solid arm useful at 1B, hands can soften a bit but made some very nice swipe picks on short hops, 5.05 H-1B

KYLE BASCH (2015, RHP, 6'3" 165, 2.8 GPA) ST. FRANCIS HS (BCR – 3) – Long lean body type, very projectable build, pitches to his strengths, easy effort suggests steady velo climb w/physical maturity, OH slot, good FB run/angle, feel for dropping the CB into the zone, ground ball pitcher, FB 80-82, CB 70-73

HUNTER BISHOP (2016, RHP, 6'3" 170, 3.6 GPA) SERRA HS (BCR – 3) – Long athletic body type, projects well, fluid body actions, loose arm, OH slot, can create more leverage as lower body develops more, FB has nice run/life, showed feel for the CB, flashed CHG and cutter, FB 78-81, CB 66-67

MICHAEL BOWES (2015, OF, R/R, 5'8" 180, 4.0 GPA) BELLARMINE PREP (BCR – 2) – Strong compact body build, showed solid bat tools, made numerous nice plays in OF, solid average arm, short and strong swing, direct path to the ball with some bat speed, 2B would be interesting position for him, 4.72 H-1B

CONNOR BRAUN (2015, 1B/3B, R/R, 6'5" 235, 2.5 GPA) DE LA SALLE HS (BCR – 2) – Big physical offensive player, good plate coverage, showed power potential all fields, saw ball well, aggressive approach, soft hands around bag, better arm showed up when at 3B, moved feet well at 3B, 5.13 H-1B

STEPHEN EVEREST (2015, MIF, L/R, 5'10" 150, 4.0 GPA) STUART HALL HS (BCR – 2) – Switch-hitting middle INF showed well, good INF release, arm best at 2B, good footwork, solid runner, ran bases well, flat swing, quick bat, quiet set-up, sees ball well, hands work nicely, covered inside FB well, 4.56 H-1B

COLIN FAIRFIELD (2015, 3B/P, R/R, 6'2" 185, 2.75 GPA) PROSPECT HS (BCR – 2) – Long and strong build w/projectability, good hitting hands, drove ball to oppo field well, quiet set-up, showed strength w/pull side pop, solid arm with some carry, 5.2 H-1B; Extreme OH slot, gets big tilt some sink, FB 78-80

JUSTIN FONG (2015, LHP, 5'9" 140, 3.4 GPA) SERRA HS (BCR – 2) – Smallish LHP but he’s got pretty good stuff, OH slot, arm moves quickly, velocity will climb as he gets stronger, aggressive, comes at hitters w/good tempo, can see him as good reliever with two pitch mix, steep CB angle, FB 78-80, CB 66

CHAD FRANQUEZ (2015, MIF/P, L/R, 5'11" 170, 3.94 GPA) ARAGON HS (BCR – 3) – Talented two way athlete, excellent INF feet, strong loose arm, good release, good range/lateral quickness, loose stroke, all fields, good balance, lots of barrel, ran bases well, 5.52 H-1B; OH slot, loose quick arm, aggressive, good tempo, flash CB feel, FB 80-82, CB 68

RYAN FUJINAGA (2015, C/IF, R/R, 5'9" 150, 4.0 GPA) SAN MATEO HS (BCR – 2) – Named Most Inspirational Player, good receiver on corner pitches, excellent block shift/smother, uses athleticism well, good throwing mechanics, quick bat, pull approach, knows where barrel is, POPs 2.07-2.14, 5.32 H-1B

JOE GALEA (2015, LHP, 6'0" 165, 3.5 GPA) CAPUCHINO HS (BCR – 3) – Pitched all 3 days, resilient arm, highly competitive, quick arm, throws aggressively, short arm action, high 3/4 slot, worked down part of zone well, finished CHG well, has feel of CHG, mixes three pitches, FB 78-81, CB 60-63, CHG 65-66

STONE GODI (2015, C/OF, R/R, 5'11" 175, 3.52 GPA) FOOTHILL HS (BCR – 3) – Showed good receiving/blocking skills, shifts with good agility, confident back-picker, strong hitting hands, drove ball well middle/oppo, swing is fairly compact, showed good hitting potential, POPs 2.26-2.45, 4.93 H-1B

DAVID LANGER (2015, 3B/UTL, R/R, 6'0" 175, 4.31 GPA) BERKELEY HS (BCR – 4) – Well-rounded talented player, prototypical 3B, strong D tools, chance to be impact hitter, strong arm, plays 3B w/rhythm, very good feet, balanced hitter, presence, finishes swing, great top hand, good runner, hard-nosed baller, 4.59 H-1B

FRANKLIN LEWIS (2015, RHP, 6'0" 170, GPA NOT GIVEN) LICK-WILMERDING HS (BCR – 1) – Long and fairly projectable build, nice frame, OH slot, stuff not showing up big yet but never know, used fastball well, good fastball run, attacked the zone, mixed three pitches, FB 72-75, CB 59-60, CHG 62-66

COLE MARCH (2015, OF, R/R, 6'2" 180, 3.4 GPA) SACRED HEART PREP (BCR – 3) – Strong athletic body, good hitting tools, hands work well, strong hands, drove ball well when front shoulder stayed on it, has all-fields power, close to really breaking out w/bat, solid accurate OF arm, more in there, 4.95 H-1B

JEREMY MARTINEZ (2015, MIF, R/R, 5'11" 175, GPA N/A) AMERICAN HS (BCR – 2) – Highly versatile, competitive player, numerous impressive plays in INF, good glove skills, solid arm, good feet, quick release, calm D, quick bat, loose wrists, nice swing trigger, pull approach, 4.92 H-1B; FB 73-74

DANIEL PEREZ (2015, RHP, 5'11" 155, GPA N/A) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO HS (BCR – 1) – Lean athletic body type, overhand slot, nice athletic delivery w/good timing and body control, fields position well, arm works cleanly, size and strength gains will help spike the velocity, FB 72-73, CB 58, CHG 65

CHRISTIAN RICHARSON (2015, C, R/R, 5'10" 165, 2.8 GPA) PROSPECT HS (BCR – 2) – Solid all-around catching prospect, best days ahead as he physically matures, arm works easily, nice carry on throws, showed some pull side power, also worked ball to RF in games, POPs 2.10-2.22, 4.84 H-1B

CAL RILEY (2015, MIF/P, B/R, 6'0" 185, 3.3 GPA) SERRA HS (BCR – 4) – Good ‘baseball player’, versatile INF w/strong arm and quick release, plays though ball well, good glove skills, playmaker, aggressive swing both sides, has some pop, nice trigger, 4.63 H-1B; OH slot, short backside, quick arm, strike thrower, good CHG, big CB w/some depth, FB 81-85, CB 66-70, CHG 73

TREVOR ROGERS (2015, LHP/1B, L/L, 6'2" 200, 3.33 GPA) LOS ALTOS HS (BCR – 3) – Potential as LHP and 1B, good bat speed, short swing w/some pop, flat stroke, all fields, can drive ball to LF, soft 1B hands, calm feet, nice arm, 5.1 H-1B; High 3/4, easy arm, 3 solid pitches, can mix, went in to RHH well, can backfoot the SL, good CHG finish, FB 77-78, SL 69-70, CHG 71

JACKSON SMITH (2015, INF, R/R, 5'10" 170, 3.1 GPA) ST. IGNATIUS PREP (BCR – 2) – 2013 winner of Most Inspirational Player award, high energy, good IF hands, solid release, accurate arm, played and threw well in OF, uses body well in swing, good hips, quick bat, disciplined approach, all fields, 5.05 H-1B

ANDREW STEWARD (2015, 1B/OF, R/R, 6'2" 190, 3.8 GPA) PACIFIC GROVE HS (BCR – 3) - Strong young hitter with a chance for big things down the road, best tool is raw power, very good bat speed, whippy lively swing, solid defender can contribute at 1B or OF, but bat is the draw here, 4.64 H-1B

KYOSHI TAYLOR (2015, OF, R/R, 5'9" 150, 2.7 GPA) LOS ALTOS HS (BCR – 1) – Ability will stand out more when he gets stronger, showed barrel awareness, definitely an aggressive player, starts quiet, has a nice swing trigger, patient approach, didn’t chase, took walks, wants to make plays in OF, 4.79 H-1B

SPENCER WALLING (2015, OF, R/R, 6'0" 175, 3.85 GPA) ARAGON HS (BCR – 1) – Lean athletic body type, projectable build, runs pretty well, has some interesting ability, needs polish, decent balance at plate, sees ball well, patient, can get a bit shorter, solid OF arm, feet can smooth out with reps, 4.53 H-1B