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MICHAEL BELTRAN (2015, 2B/OF, R/R, 5'10" 160, 3.73 GPA) BUCHANAN HS (BCR – 3) – Very solid player with strong set of fundamentals (typical for a Buchanan HS player), easy swing, hits where pitched, short quick swing w/good balance, handles FB well, smooth infielder, good feet, good arm, 4.58 H-1B

NOLAN BURR (2015, CF/2B, L/R, 5'10" 160, 3.2 GPA) SANTA CRUZ HS (BCR – 2) – Wiry athletic build, good athlete, profiles as utility player, has some quick twitch ability, ability to steal bases, slashing type swing can work to all fields, swing happens easy, arm is fair, strength will enhance his tools, 4.59 H-1B

NICK CIANDRO (2015, C, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.1 GPA) ST. FRANCIS CCC HS (BCR – 3) – Showed skills and tool set that profiles well for a college catcher, consistent pop times, strong arm, strong powerful build should hold up well, has power, aggressive hitter, swing is fairly compact, POPs 2.01-2.10, 4.95 H-1B

ANTHONY COPPLA (2015, 3B, R/R, 5'11" 195, 3.33 GPA) PACIFIC GROVE HS (BCR – 2) – Stoutly built corner infielder, physical hitter, good aggressiveness at plate, saw ball well, good swing path, ball off his bat well, pretty easy juice, good 3B hands, solid on the move, better feet will improve arm, 4.85 H-1B

EFRAIN DEL RIO (2015, 1B/RHP, R/R, 6'5" 280, 2.2 GPA) DOS PALOS HS (BCR – 2) – Good body control, quiet set-up, swing pretty short, middle of field approach, drives ball to right-center, soft hands, good arm, moved well, 4.96 H-1B; OH slot, compact delivery, good heavy FB w/angle, FB 81-84, CB 63, CHG 75

DREW ENGELMAN (2015, C/1B, R/R, 6'1" 185, 2.8 GPA) SAN JOAQUIN MEMORIAL HS (BCR – 4) – Quality hitting prospect as a catcher, nice swing path, strong, good bat control, stays inside, calm/quiet at plate, tenacious at-bats, arm works, competitive thrower, good build, POPs 2.04-2.15, 4.97 H-1B

ROBERTO FLORES (2016, 1B/3B, R/R, 5'11" 208, 3.3 GPA) GREGORI HS (BCR – 2) – Big young physical hitter, timing type of hitter, hits with good base and maintains balance, flashed ability to get to extension and drive the ball, soft INF hands, good fielding fundamentals, pretty light feet, 4.85 H-1B

HECTOR GUERRERO (2016, 2B/OF/P, R/R, 5'10" 145, 3.43 GPA) GREGORI HS (BCR – 2) – Versatile young player, competed well in all phases, good contact hitter, uses middle of field well, good hitting hands, nice extension, good infield actions, solid arm, smooth feet; Strike-thower, FB 73-74, CB 65-66

DAVID GUGALE (2015, 3B/UTL, R/R, 6'0" 190, 2.39 GPA) MONTEREY HS (BCR – 4) – Well-rounded player, prototypical 3B hit/field tools, plus bat speed, drives the ball, aggressive approach, has present day power and more to come, strong arm, soft hands, good actions, very good feet, player, 4.71 H-1B

BROCK HALLUM (2015, C, L/R, 5'8" 180, 3.9 GPA) CENTENNIAL HS (BCR – 3) – Good catching prospect, showed well-rounded skill set, blocked really well, threw accurately and consistently, strong arm, good hitting hands, balanced, sprayed all around, strength to pull side, POPs 2.0-2.09, 4.72 H-1B

TYLER JANITZ (2015, SS/IF/OF, R/R, 6'2" 190, 4.49 GPA) GREGORI HS (BCR – 3) – Strong athlete, versatile player, bat should keep him in play at multiple positions, finds barrel repeatedly, some buggy whip bat speed, good approach to ball, good release, arm works easily, uses athleticism well, 4.89 H-1B

GARRETT KELLY (2015, OF, R/R, 5'11" 160, 4.0 GPA) SAN BENITO HS (BCR – 3) – Lean bodied corner outfielder, good arm with carry, accurate & disciplined thrower, short quick fairly compact stroke, hands work, maintains balance, showed some pull side power, jumped on mistake fastballs, maybe move to INF in the future?, 4.99 H-1B

ALEX KETCHIE (2015, OF/MIF, L/R, 5'9" 150, 3.0 GPA) LINCOLN HS (BCR – 3) – Lean and twitchy type athletic player, good positional versatility, has a quick arm and good feet, 2B or CF, good small game skills, igniter type, can scoot on bases, flashed some gap pop, hands work, flat quick swing, 4.31 H-1B

DERICK KUHN (2015, MIF, R/R, 6'0" 175, 3.7 GPA) CENTRAL HS (BCR – 3) – Well-rounded player, strong baseball fundamentals with developing tools, flashed high level defensive ability, great hands, good instincts, good release, plays easy, has feel for the game, spray hitter, quiet approach, developing gap power, 4.79 H-1B

FALCON MAGANA (2015, CF/2B, R/R, 6'0" 170, 3.3 GPA) MONTEREY HS (BCR – 4) – Lean strong athlete with speed to impact a game, accelerates easily, puts pressure on the D, strong at the plate with a lively swing, line drive gap pop, good balance, roams CF well, arm works, can quicken release, 4.24 H-1B

PATRICK MULLER (2015, C/INF/P, R/R, 6'0" 170, 3.89 GPA) MONTE VISTA CHRISTIAN HS (BCR – 2) – Recent full time convert to C, accurate arm, release still developing, made consistent throws, good receiving hands, quiet hit approach, good balance, bit of pull pwr, good barrel, POPs 2.15-2.25, 4.79 H-1B; OH slot, FB 75-76 

HOLDEN NIX (2015, RHP, 6'5" 210, 3.9 GPA) ATASCADERO HS (BCR – 2) – Big frame, looks the part on mound, effectively pitched/got easy outs, OH slot, short arm action, seems to create some deception, got to decent extension, x-body stride, heavy sink at times, commanded bottom of zone well, FB 79-81

JOSHUA OLIVARRIA (2015, SS/P, R/R, 5'11" 175, 3.4 GPA) SALINAS HS (BCR – 3) – Played SS well, whippy arm, good feet, good instincts/range, soft hands, adjusted to bad hops well, quick bat, pull approach, 4.68 H-1B; Hi 3/4, sneaky slot, good delivery, good FB mvmnt, slippery CB, will come on as P, FB 82-83, CB 73, CHG 74

MICHAEL PORRAS (2015, LHP/1B, L/L, 5'10" 185, 4.33 GPA) LIVE OAK HS (BCR – 3) – Performed well as LHP/1B, 3/4 slot, quick arm, broad shoulders, stuff to get RHH and LHH, keeps stuff down, CB flashed out-pitch potential, FB 79-83, CB 71-73, CHG 72; flat swing, quick bat, excellent 1B D, good feet, 5.19 H-1B

MARK QUINBY (2015, OF/RHP, R/R, 6'0" 190, 3.5 GPA) VALLEY CHRISTIAN HS (BCR – 4) – Strong physical athlete, football player physique, plays aggressive, finishes swing well, has balance, all fields with pop, good outfielder, solid arm, can track it down, 4.73 H-1B; OH slot, strikes, nice SL, FB 79-82, SL 71-74

JOSH RODRIGUEZ (2015, RHP, 6'8" 215, 2.82 GPA) ST. FRANCIS CCC HS (BCR – 4) – Size is not an issue, good athlete for his size too, OH slot, creates some leverage, showed good arm speed on secondary stuff, CHG has plus potential, chance to develop strikeout stuff, FB 83-85, CB 68, CHG 76-78; Swung bat well, big power, good around the bag 

ETHAN SANTOS (2015, SS/P, R/R, 5'11" 160, 3.5 GPA) SALINAS HS (BCR – 3) – Ballplayer, confident fielder, soft hands, good feet, quick release, enough arm, calm in box, sprays it around, hands work, some whippy life in swing, 4.91 H-1B; OH slot, compact delivery, holds runners, can pitch, FB 78-80, CB 68

BROCK THEILEN (2015, LHP/1B, L/L, 6'4" 205, GPA N/A) SANTA CRUZ HS (BCR – 2) – Strong build, long high 3/4 arm stroke, good mound presence, pitched down well, solid vs RHH, FB occasional cut, has feel for CB, FB 75-78, CB 67-69; physical bat, showed pwr to middle of field, aggressive swing, 4.89 H-1B

AARON WHITEHOUSE (2015, LHP, 6'0" 185, 3.2 GPA) MONTE VISTA CHRISTIAN HS (BCR – 2) – Good athletic build, high 3/4 slot, worked bottom of zone well with FB, spotted FB well on arm side, enough late run to get off big part of barrel, big CB could tighten up a bit, FB 77-80, CB 65-68