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BAWSU 2016
2016 x BAWSU

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BC Rating explanation

Most college coaches interested in the reports/ratings we provide are coaches at the D1 level. Because of that, the BC Rating is relative to D1 baseball.  Additionally, I used to recruit/coach at that level (USF) and was also a full-time professional area scout (Braves).  

The BC Rating reflects my evaluation of each player, in comparison to other high school players at a similar position in the same grad year, all relative to the D1 level. Remember, the Division 1 level of baseball is a MUCH higher level than high school baseball.  

If you are a player who is rated as a 2 or 1, that does not mean you are evaluated as a bad player, not at all and it doesn't mean you can't play at the highest level you aspire to.  Read up on Daniel Nava... you will know why I suggest this after you do. There are players evaluated as a 2 or a 1 who will develop/perform WELL BEYOND that rating and frankly, I hope all players exceed their evaluations/ratings.

From the perspective of D1 baseball scouting/evaluation/recruiting, here is what the ratings reflect (also note that with frosh/sophs there generally is some leniency due to youth & often times a lack of physical maturity as of yet):

5 = Gotta have him! Impact player/talent, going to take a competitive scholarship offer to get him and there likely will be heavy competition for this player.  If he's an underclassman, we will have to offer him before the fall of his senior year. 

4 = He's a good player/talent now and we think he will keep improving and eventually develop into a contributing player on a competitive team.  I can envision offering him some scholarship money in the early signing period of his senior year.

3 = This player has a couple of tools that project for D1 baseball or has a high level of skill/playability (though with less impactful raw tools).  There's a chance for bigger things down the road if he physically matures or the tools get more polished.  He could be someone to sign in the late signing period in the spring of his senior season or invite as a recruited walk-on.

2 = Solid baseball player but right now there isn't enough to actively recruit this player for the D1 level.  He could go the JC route to continue his development if he aspires to reach the D1 level and is certainly a player who can compete at a smaller division of four year college baseball (and there is certainly nothing wrong with that... going to school and playing ball!).

1 = Not enough for us to follow this player at this time

For pitchers an "impact player" is the starting pitcher on Friday or Saturday or the closer.

For position players, an impact player is starting at some point in his freshman year, hitting in a key spot in the line-up and playing a significant role offensively and defensively.

Impact players can be expected to be drafted after their junior year in college after providing 2-3 years of significant production.  They also can be expected to have some draft interest after their senior year of high school.  Impact HS players dominate their level of competition and stand out WELL ABOVE their peers. 

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