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BAWS Underclass Schedule - new date, Nov. 5-6

BAWS Underclass 2016 Schedule


BAWS Underclass 2016 - Schedule
November 5-6 2016, College of Marin (835 College Ave, Kentfield CA)

Saturday, November 5th

9:00-9:20 – Check-in/uniform pick-up/stretch/warm-up/etc.

9:20 – BC talk to players

9:30 – Defensive workouts/evaluations (pitchers can participate)

10:15 - NCAA College Baseball Recruiting Workshop (parents only, will take place in bleachers)

10:45 – 60 yard dash (pitchers can run)

11:00 – Batting evaluation (pitchers can hit)

12:30 - Game: Team 1 (Black) vs Team 2 (Green)

3:30 - Game: Team 3 (Blue) vs Team 4 (Orange)


Sunday, November 6th

9:30 – Players arrive, stretch, get ready to play

10:00 - Game: Team 1 (Black) vs Team 3 (Blue)

1:15 - Game: Team 2 (Green) vs Team 4 (Orange)

Pitchers will be facing 4/5 batters per inning.  The playing rotations and batting orders and pitching rotations are scripted by BAWS director.  I will make sure to communicate with the players to make sure they are getting to other spots on the field as possible.  All the position players will play 5 defensive innings of each 8 inning game, though a couple will play 6 innings as needed.


Each primary pitcher will throw 2 innings in their team's first game and 1 inning in their team's second game. Position players will be rotated at their primary position and be asked to fill in at a secondary position as needed. Secondary pitchers will pitch in their team’s second game and could be asked to go as many as 2 innings in that game.  

If a player has listed "pitcher" as a secondary position on the registration form, the assumption is they do want to pitch and are ABLE to pitch. Primary pitchers may not see any time on the field as position players or hit in the games.  Pitchers want an opportunity to be evaluated as pitchers beyond the HS level, and position players want to be evaluated as position players beyond the HS level.  Thanks for your understanding.