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Caught Stealing coming to BAWS 2024

04/11/2024, 11:30am PDT
By Caught Stealing, LLC

Revolutionizing pop time data, click to read & receive discount code



UPDATE: BAWS partners with Caught Stealing and will utilize the technology for the catchers at BAWS 2024. Read about the product here, and also, with code BAWS2024 you can get $25 off the product and receive free shipping.

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What is The Caught Stealing Pro100™?

Caught Stealing The Caught Stealing Pro100™ collects 4 vital metrics for Catchers:

  • Pop Times, collected to the .000 (1/1000th of a second)
  • Exchange times, collected to the .00 (1/1000th of a second)
  • Average Velocity collected in miles per hour (MPH)
  • Distance down to the inch

State-of-the-art location, distancing, and acceleration technology are located inside wireless units worn on the wrist straps of the catcher’s and infielder’s gloves. Data collection sessions are collected through the Caught Stealing App (available for iOS) and stored on a catcher’s private profile. The “Lie Detector” for Catchers will finally allow the proverbial “Cream to Rise to the Top”, taking bias and slow fingers out of the Data Collection equation forever.

Our “four-point video verification system” quantifies times for Regional and National Leaderboard rankings on our website. Catchers can promote themselves by consistently improving and lowering their times. Coaches can filter catcher metrics to streamline recruiting and find the catcher they are looking for (coming soon)!

Code BAWS2024 will get new customers $25 off the product and free shipping

Here is the review from renowned coach Jerry Weinstein on his Instagram page jwoncatching

I got a Caught Stealing PRO100™ as soon as it launched back in the summer of 2023 and have been using it ever since. Incredible accuracy and consistency. All four data points collected are displayed instantly. The Caught Stealing PRO100™ truly is replacing old methods with the new standard.  I highly recommend this product. 

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