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    From one Mrs. Dusty Baker

    Hi Blaine, 
    Thanks again for inviting some of the Jesuit boys to Upperclass/Underclass WS.  This was a first showcase for most and they enjoyed the experience and learned a ton. It gave them a true look at some of the talent out there. I told them they must keep working hard.

    Melissa Baker

    BC paves way for pitching prospect to a D1 scholarship...

    BAWS 2013 Most Outstanding Pitcher Garrett Hill verbally committed to Saint Mary's College.  He eventually decided to attend a local JC (which had nothing to do with the SMC program, it was a decision based on finances), but the way he was known by SMC is still very relevant.  Hill is a VERY talented pitcher who for some reason (I truly have NO idea why) had been passed over by all other local schools that had seen him.  However, after making him known to a coach who knows and trusts me but had not seen him yet, Hill was quickly recruited and committed. 

    Is it helpful to be a talented player (with good grades) and then to participate at BAWS, which is run by a respected former MLB scout and D1 coach/recruiter (me) who is willing to make you known to the right people (without you even knowing it)? You can decide for yourself... 

    Dear Blaine, Thank you so much for the chance to pitch at BAWS. I was honored to be there and to be able to win the Most Outstanding Pitcher award. This was my first exposure to college coaches and it really paid off. I committed to St. Marys College today because Coach Valenzuela heard my name from you. Thanks for all that you have done for me, I deeply appreciate it. --- Garrett Hill

    Dear Blaine, My husband and I wanted to thank you for the support you have given to Garrett. Pitching at BAWS was such a great experience for Garrett and him winning the pitching award was an extra-special bonus to an incredible experience for our son. Coach Eric Valenzuela told us he spoke with you about Garrett and now Garrett has committed to St. Mary's College with a scholarship. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for Garrett and his future pitching for St. Mary's. Thank you again --  Laura Hill