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Hello and thank you for taking some time to learn about BAWS and my background.  There are many events for high school players to choose from these days and not all of them are equal.  You will find that at BAWS you have a long standing, reputable event, run by a person with a stellar reputation in the game.  Feel free to ask aroud the area, high school coaches, summer coaches, etc and read the testimonials to understand just what it is that I have strived to do for players in this area since 2003.

Thank you,
Blaine Clemmens


The Bay Area World Series was a great start to summer ball.  We had just come off the win in the NCS Championship and those 6 games at St Mary's against quality pitching was very helpful to adjusting to the superior talent we see in the summer leagues. 

The Bay Area WS did provide a lot of great opportunities for the boys and Brett was excited to get letters from 5 colleges who attended. But of all the things Brett talked about, he seemed to enjoy meeting all the other players and commented on what a solid group they were.  In fact, since then we've had games against some of  those teamates and it makes for great competition and small talk!

As you know Brett's an '06 grad.  So we look forward to being involved in any of your programs next summer.  Good luck and enjoy the travels.

Peter and Brett Jackson (from inaugural BAWS)