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Important info for student-athletes

NCAA Eligibility Center

Go here, now, hurry up!

NCAA DI Baseball Recruiting Calendar

Coaches CANNOT always go out and see players when they want. There has been a new change in the last year or so which allows baseball programs to have three coaches out recruiting at any given time, which is up from two coaches. Basically when you look at this, a contact period means they can go off campus to see players, a quiet period means they can have you on campus and/or view players at camp with their coaches employed at the camp (I think that is how they are doing it these days), and a dead period means NO contact.

NCAA website

There is a lot of useful information here and all over the internet regarding NCAA sports. Take the time, start here, learn what you need to know, download the PDFs of the documents you need to read, be informed. Being talented and smart is a great place to start... however, being UNINFORMED can get in the way of any talent and any intelligence.

NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide

This information pertains to Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements... I suggest you read this and know this information thoroughly.

2021-22 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

This is a MUST have and MUST read for college bound student-athletes, your parents, your coaches, and your high school counselors.

National Letter of Intent

Questions about letters of intent? Go here and get your answers... don't listen to other parents in the stands about letters of intent, about scholarships, about any of that... get information from where it matters... another link...

College Transfer Rules

The ability to transfer from a JC to a four year school, or from a four year to a four year or any other combination of transfer, is a complicated scenario. Read up. Better yet, get NCAA D1 eligible via the NCAA eligibility center and that will make your life easier now or in the future. Here is another website for reference...

NAIA College Bound Student-Athlete

Not every player will be heading off to play D1 or D2 baseball. In fact, MOST high school players will not be playing at that level. Here is a link to the NAIA guide for the college bound student-athlete.