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Need to know info about nominating a player

Bay Area World Series Nominations

Nomination Form Need to Know

Things to consider as you make a recommendation:

1. Be clear about the player's strengths

2. Support with statistics/awards/recognitions if possible

3. Be prepared to provide ALL the requested information

4. Recommendations will be crosschecked with other trusted sources who are aware of the caliber of players who have benefitted the most from an opportunity to compete at BAWS over the years

5. Players who benefit the most are players who have the talent, tools, and GRADES that project at a minimum to the NCAA D2 level of the game.  Players who are likely better off with a couple of years of JC development (academic or physical) do not benefit as much from the exposure at BAWS

6. Not all 140+ players at BAWS are expected to be D1 or D2 caliber players, however if a player is recommended there is a reasonable expectation that the player is one of the top players in his local region and at his best can be expected to earn some sort of all-conference recognition at some point of his high school career