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BAWS 2017 Wrap-up

BAWS 2017, awards, homers, top defense, etc

Most Outstanding Player, Nathan Peng of Saratoga HS

We didn't have a traditional BAWS this year in the sense of a 'winner' but we did have a final game, the BAWS-Star game.  

However, we did determine some award winners:

Most Outstanding Player - 2018 C Nathan Peng, Saratoga HS

Most Outstanding Hitter - 2019 1B Nathan Martorella, Salinas HS

Most Outstanding Pitcher - 2018 LHP Dominic Wall, Jesuit HS

Most Inspirational Player - 2019 C Niko Tejada, River Valley HS

Home Runs
1B Nathan Martorella (Salinas HS, Peninsula), 2019
C Nathan Peng (Saratoga HS, South Bay), 2018
C Niko Tejada (River Valley HS, Sacramento), 2019
SS Jeffrey Jamison (Del Campo HS, Sacramento), 2018
INF Jacob Harris (Pleasant Grove HS, Sacramento), 2018
2B Nathan Nicosia (College Park HS, East Bay), 2018
OF Braeden Holliday (Granite Bay HS, Sacramento), 2018
C Jason Moran (Cardinal Newman HS, North Bay), 2018
INF Marek Palladino (Serra HS, Peninsula), 2019
RHP/1B Andrew McCann (Mitty HS, South Bay), 2019
CF Henry Wright (Branham HS, South Bay), 2019

Outstanding Defensive Performers
SS Jeffrey Jamison
OF Deven Irwin (Pinole Valley HS, East Bay), 2019
C Jason Moran
C Niko Tejada
C Nathan Peng
C Joshua Shanklin (Pinole Valley HS, Sacramento), 2019
C Nolan Maas (Soquel HS, South Bay), 2018
CF Bryce Cannon (Maria Carrillo HS, North Bay), 2020
SS Zachary Ellsworth (Pittsburg HS, East Bay), 2018
OF Mikey Contreras (Ukiah HS, North Bay), 2018
1B Caleb Vice (Cardinal Newman HS, North Bay), 2018
SS Trevor Heyn (Pacific Grove HS, Peninsula), 2019
SS Vince Flores (Palma HS, Peninsula), 2018
CF Griffith Fenn (Pleasant Valley HS, Sacramento), 2019
MIF Anthony Montalvo (Pleasant Valley HS, Sacramento), 2018
C Jonathan Stone (Christian Brothers HS, Sacramento), 2018
SS Dehlahn Tilghman (Buhach Colony HS, South Bay), 2019
INF Nathan Nicosia (College Park HS, East Bay), 2018