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Some answers to your BAWS questions



COLLEGES IN ATTENDANCE: I often get asked which colleges will be at the events. I will let all the West Coast and regional four-year college programs know the dates of BAWS, but I can't guarantee a particular school attends, as I don't pay them to attend, as happens at college coach camps where the attending schools are listed. I suggest that players contact schools on their own, let them know about your interest in their program and give them your upcoming summer schedule. Have your travel coach and/or HS coach reach out to schools of interest. That is the very first and most common initiation for a college coach to a prospective student-athlete.

BAWS has been around since 2004 so it is very well known and respected for having good players. There are over 1300 previous participants who have gone on to either D1 baseball or another level of 4-year college baseball, as well as nearly 250 MLB draft selections (44 BIG LEAGUERS!).

VIDEO: Included with your BAWS registration in 2022, which will be housed within your free Prep Baseball Report profile. Those videos are accessed via your PBR subscription and there are a couple of options for subscriptions. Position players will have their BP and defensive workouts videoed and pitchers will have their warm-up pitches and some of their in-game pitches videoed. Pitchers should make sure to throw all of your different pitches in your warm-up throws and clearly show which pitch you are throwing.

PBR PROFILE: MANY BAWS participants already have a PBR profile but you may not know that one exists. Your stats, reports, and videos from BAWS will go in your PBR profile. Go to PBR California and search for your name in the RED FIND A PLAYER tab. Search variations of your first name and of course your last name. If you don't find a profile for you, create a free one. Instructions to create your free profile. If there is one for you but it was created by PBR, create your own and they can merge the two and then you have your own account.

PLAYER ARRIVAL: Please be to the field at least 45 minutes to an hour prior to ANY time your team is scheduled. If games or evaluations move quickly, we COULD start the next games or evaluations early. If you are a PO, you only need to attend the games in which you are scheduled to pitch, but you are also welcome to be in attendance with your team as much as you would like.

UNIFORM: Players are to wear your high school team hat (preferred) or a travel team hat. We provide your BAWS jersey. Any color/shade/style of pants are fine as is any color socks or belt.

BAT INFO: Suggest that you use regular HS bats, but you can use wood.

GAME INFO: The games are usually 8 innings. I organize all defensive changes/rotations. If I need to add an inning or a few hitters so pitchers can face enough batters or hitters get enough at-bats, I will do so. The playing time/at-bats will balance out by the end of the third game, TRUST ME. Play hard, be respectful of each other, the coaches in the dugout, and the facility.  You represent yourself, your school, your coaches, your parents, and of course the game. Have fun and do your best.

PITCHING INFO: Primary pitchers will pitch two innings or face a minimum of 9 batters during the event (but it's not a hard number... I don't intend to stress pitcher's arms in a showcase, so I will use my discretion for what is best for the player) and will be scheduled in one or two inning outings. I will keep an eye on the number of pitches thrown in each inning. Scouts/coaches assess your arm action, your body type, your aggressiveness TO THE ZONE and your ability to get hitters out IN THE ZONE (as opposed to trying to get every hitter to chase), as well as your ability to change speeds. Please limit the pick-offs to 1st base. It is good to show that you can manage the running game but at-bats when pitchers pick multiple times can get a bit tedious. Pitchers will not throw in all three games. Communicate with me or the coaches in the dugout about your ability to take the mound at anytime. The last thing any of us wants is for you to get hurt.

POSITION PLAYER DEFENSE/PLATE APPEARANCES: Position players will play equitable defensive innings of each game though maybe not play EXACTLY equal innings (respective of the players on the roster who share the same primary position). At times players will be scheduled to play a secondary position. As for plate appearances, I monitor how many times each player comes to the plate and by the end of each team's third game, all position players will be within one plate appearance of each other, usually around 6-7 total plate appearances in the three games.

POSITION VERSATILITY: When you are scheduled to play a position other than your primary position it's because it's necessary for equitable defensive time for all the players on the roster. Enjoy the challenge, be an athlete. College coaches recruit athletic/versatile players, particularly so with infielders. If you can hit or really run those coaches will look for ways to get you on the field early in your college career and it's likely to be at a position you didn't play in high school.

WALKS/HBP's: Though obviously not desirable, walks and HBPs CAN happen. Player's could be told to take their base at least one time after a walk, but only once in one of their plate appearances. Pitches that hit a batter will be considered a ball and the at-bat will continue, provided the batter isn't hurt(ing) and can continue. On any subsequent walks to a batter, he will stay at the plate and continue the at-bat from that point (with 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 count, whatever it was when the walk occurred) until he either puts the ball in play or strikes out. After a walk or HBP, the pitcher might be instructed to throw fastballs only if it was late in a count when the BB or HBP occurred... Hopefully that makes sense.

CATCHERS: Catchers will be responsible for picking each other up between innings and for being available for pitchers to get warmed up. If for some reason a catcher is not available to get the game pitcher or the next pitcher warmed up, someone please grab a catcher's glove and help out.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Check the website frequently during the event. You can also follow BAWS on Twitter @BayAreaWS and @Clemmens_PBR. For Instagram it's bayareaws and pbrcalifornia

COMMUNICATION: Please email me at anytime with concerns or questions. If I have made a mistake and/or not delivered what was expected for a player, we can rectify it before the event is over. If you communicate with me AFTER the event is over, I can't do anything about it.


Blaine Clemmens