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BAWS Experience

The BAWS Brand

Players who attend BAWS get the best in organization, professionalism, and attention to detail in the showcase business.  Me and my field staff are exceptional at running a classy, organized, smooth running event.  Our expertise has been crafted over the last 18 years running this event.

We create reports for EVERY player, providing feedback on player strengths while also providing some feedback on how they might improve.  Every player can do SOMETHING.  We focus on what kids CAN do and they all develop at different times. Additionally, there are postings of top prospect lists, under-recruited lists, names to know, etc.  Essentially I do anything I can do to help deserving players be known, reports, advice, counsultation, social media (facebook/twitter), etc.

Additionally, I also stick with each and every family into and through the recruiting process.  Players and their parents, if they so choose to, can utilize my 15 years of experience in the game.  The ratings, evaluations and recruiting guidance/advice all comes with participation at BAWS, it does not cost anything extra.  No other showcase in the region is run by someone with my experience and background (D1 coach, MLB scout) in the game.

I maintain strong relationships with some of the best college coaches and programs in the West and some from across the nation and am continually utilized as a resource as they search for players.

Players who come through BAWS events each summer/fall and each get my personal attention.

From BAWS to Bigger Things...

To date nearly 900 players who appeared in my events have had an opportunity to play D1 baseball and hundreds more have played four year college ball.  Over 40% of all past participants have moved on to D1 baseball. That's a big number!

Roughly 250 players have been drafted or signed to a pro contract and to date there are 39 former participants who have reached the big leagues.

BAWS didn't make these players good players, but BAWS did provide an opportunity to expand their exposure to college and pro baseball.

Hi Coach Clemmens,
Thank you for allowing FCA to have a presence at the Bay Area World Series. Numerous people came by and want to get involved with FCA which will allows us to make an impact in their lives off the field.  Not only are you making a difference in players lives on the field but you are also making a difference off the field.  May God Bless your efforts as you continue doing great things for lives involved in baseball.

Thanks again Coach,
Rigo Lopez
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Bay Area) 


Dear Blaine,
Just wanted to say I really appreciate your advice you gave me at the showcase.  Obviously this is the first time I have done the recruiting process and advice is helpful, especially coming from a recruiter such as yourself.  Also I had a great time at the showcase and hope to see you down the road in my baseball career. 

Thanks again,
Paul Politi (Los Gatos HS)


Hi Blaine ,
I wanted to let you know that  my son Michael has verbally committed to San Jose State University. I would also like to thank you for all your support. I can honestly tell you that from all the showcases Michael has done and from the feedback we recieved from the various coaches and schools we visited, the BAWS showcase is the best for the athlete and the coaches. It is hands down the most useful, best run and coordinated program in this area.  Michael always speaks very highly of everything you do and will continue to do for baseball players at the high school level. You are the only one he speaks this highly of from all the showcase events he has attended.  Thank you again.  I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I hope our paths will continue to cross.

As always, best regards,
Robb Reiling (parent)