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BAWS Uncmtd Top Players

BAWS Uncommitted Top Players

RHP Sean Flowers, 2019, 6'1" 155, Cardinal Newman HS, 3.56 GPA
- 3 usable pitches, projectable frame, has feel and some present day stuff, 84-86, CB 75-76, also nice CHG

RHP/SS Aiden Vannucci, 2019, 6'0" 165, Ukiah HS, 3.70 GPA
- high energy player, he's a baseball rat with talent, FB low-mid 80s, good angle, delivery reminds me of Kyle Farnsworth, good SS too, but I prefer him on the mound, either way, he's fun to watch

RHP Logan Meyers, 2019, 6'0" 201, Yuba City HS, 3.50 GPA
- Big strong durable type body, good arm speed, FB 82-84, really liked his 12/6 CB, got a chance to be a plus pitch for him.  Pitches aggressively, also a nice position player and it translates to the mound. 

RHP/SS Maximilian Ramirez, 2019, 5'9" 145, Watsonville HS, 3.23 GPA
- really quick arm, hitters came back shaking their heads about how his stuff jumped on them, 83-85, slider 74, CHG 71, strong fielder at SS, has some promise with bat too, reminds me of another Watsonville smaller P/INF Chris Rivera, now at LBSU

C/RHP Kody Kent, 2019 R/R, 6'1" 191, Maria Carrillo HS, 3.40 GPA
- Gut says he's a position player long term, but with 83-85 mph stuff, a nice CB and a REALLY nice CHG, he definitely can pitch, big strong kid, and his experience as a catcher showed in the way he approached hitters. 

RHP Bubba Gomez, 2019, 5'10" 175, Fremont Christian HS, 3.58 GPA
- Crafty pitcher with a variety of arm angles, clearly has feel for pitching and upsetting timing, 81-84 but this was a late fall event, usable slider (74) and CB, looks like a good reliever type at college level

LHP/1B Garrett James, 2019, 6'3" 215, Fort Bragg HS, 3.10 GPA
- showed really good feel for the zone, velocity not quite enough yet (78-81 w/solid movement), but he spun CB well, commanded it really well, and repeated his delivery.  Strong hitter too, but if he can loosen up a bit, maybe he spikes the velocity.

Oscar Murray, 2018 L/R, 6'0" 180, Heritage HS, 3.30 GPA
- excellent block skills, very good athlete, good bat speed, strong arm, ran 7.18 on a slow track

Niko Tejada, 2019 R/R, 5'10"182, River Valley HS, 4.0 GPA
- high energy, strong arm, good hitter, leadership skills, athletic defender

Kody Kent, 2019 R/R, 6'1" 191, Maria Carrillo HS, 3.40 GPA
- present day pop gap to gap, good arm (85 on the mound), steady player

Omar Barraza, 2019 R/R, 6'0" 190, Serra HS, 4.0 GPA
 - BIG arm, rapidly improving hitter, strong kid, plays hard, good tools

Thomas Moore, 2018 R/R, 6'2" 195, Los Gatos HS, 3.60 GPA 1220 SAT
- strong arm, has some present day power, big athlete, little raw but has tools, ran 7.25

Ricky Damico, 2020 R/R, 5'10" 155, Serra HS, 3.62 GPA
- good catch/throw skills, good arm, runs well, athletic young player

MIF Tyler Shaw, 2020 R/R, 5'8" 150, Serra HS, 4.61 GPA
- outstanding fielding skills, quick release, nice stroke, skilled young player

MIF Marek Palladino, 2019 R/R, 5'10" 160, Serra HS, 3.80 GPA
- every time I see him he hits and does so for some power, steady fielder, accurate arm, plays the game well, ran 7.29

MIF Alex Kirley, 2019 R/R, 5'8" 130, Justin-Siena HS, 3.87 GPA
- certainly not a big kid, but his hitting plays big, plays like a kid who really loves to play

INF Dominic Meza, 2019 R/R, 5'10"167, Serra HS, 3.30 GPA
 - strong arm, moves around like a confident athlete, good stroke, strong kid despite listed size, he's got tools

3B Mason Arnold, 2018 R/R, 5'10" 192, Livermore HS, 4.18 GPA 1250 SAT
- POUNDED the ball both days, made all plays he should have at 3B, good dugout kid too

2B/3B Nathan Nicosia, 2018 R/R, 5'11" 170, College Park HS, 3.40 GPA
- has some physicallity at the plate, good playmaker in the field, competes well

2019 SS Aiden Vannucci & 2019 SS Maximilian Ramirez both showed well as infielders/hitters but better as pitchers.

CF Cole Gabrielson, 2018 R/R, 5'10" 165, Woodside HS, 3.0 GPA 1210 SAT
- strong accurate arm, athlete, good stroke with bat speed, goes and gets ball well

OF Paul Besse, 2018 L/R, 6'3"180, Serra HS, 3.10 GPA 1250 SAT
- has noticeable hit tools, strong kid, great frame, runs real well (6.85 60)

OF Spencer Ladd, 2020 6'1" 185, Serra HS, 3.70 GPA
- strong young man, runs well (6.82 60), throws well, lots bat speed, plays w/great energy