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BAWS 2017 2017
2017 x BAWS 2017


The following players have videos with their profiles (each player has a profile, report, rating but not all players have videos), which can be found within the ROSTER link above:

2019 1B Nathan Martorella (Salinas):

2018 MIF Vince Flores (Palma):

2018 3B Jack Harris (Sacred Heart Cathedral):

2019 C Omar Barraza (Serra):

2018 INF Zach Woitas (Dayton - NV):

2019 INF Marek Palladino (Serra):

2019 LHP Zach Kennison (Serra):

2018 1B/3B John Hanley (St. Ignatius):

2018 C Gio Ludovico (St. Francis):

2019 C Sean Rinn (St. Ignatius):