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2019 BAWS Events & Archived Events

Date: 2/22/10
Subject: Welcome Back

While watching Santa Clara and Nevada play this past weekend and speaking to a number of parents your name came up (all good stuff).  It is great to have the BAWS back and your leadership that made this such a special event for many young men.  You have made such a positive impact in Lucas’s baseball life and many other players lives. Hope all is well with you and I look forward to possibly seeing/speaking with you at a college game. 

All the best.
Mark Herbst

Date: 2/11/10


I am excited to see that you have brought back the BAWS.  Since I have attended your events in the past, I can truly say your event is run first class and provides a GREAT opportunity for any high school baseball player looking to advance to the college/pro ranks.  Your organization skills and true passion for helping others make the BAWS a #1 priority for any high school baseball player.  Best of luck with the BAWS and I look forward to seeing you at the yard.

Jamie Cederquist, Part-time MLB Scout (Marlins)