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Outstanding pitchers at BAWS Uncommitted

10/31/2017, 1:15pm PDT
By B Clemmens

Including Watsonville HS 2019 RHP Maximiliam Ramirez (pictured)

We had around 40 players at Baylands Athletic Complex Oct. 28-29, in Palo Alto, including those in grad classes 2018-2021.  As for the velocities, I am of the belief that any pitcher still competing this late in the year is almost assuredly down 2-4 mph from what their peak velocity was during the mid-summer.  Take that for what it's worth and frankly, I know the best talent evaluators and player development guys, velocity is a small component, especially when seeing a kid this late in the year. 

Go to the EVENTS section, let it drop down to the BAWS Uncommitted link, which will then slide out a top players list, catchers, infielders, outfielders, etc. 

2019 RHP Maximilian Ramirez, Watsonville HS - FB 82-85, quick arm, tight breaking ball, also has change-up.  Played outstanding D at SS too, showcasing his athleticism.  5'9" 145, 3.23 GPA.  Don't sleep on the size, he reminds of former Watsonville RHP Christopher Rivera, who was also a smaller bodied SS/P with a quick arm and nasty breaking ball.  He currently at Long Beach State.  

2019 RHP Sean Flowers, Cardinal Newman HS - FB 83-86, polished young pitcher, can throw CB and change for strikes, willing to use all pitches in all counts.  Arm works easy, at 6'1" 155, he's HIGHLY projectable.  Also pitches with a plan. 3.56 GPA

2019 RHP Aiden Vannucci, Ukiah HS - FB 82-85, really easy and quick arm, he's a talented SS, switch hitter, and as a position player he has some merits on his own.  However, I've see him twice in the last two fall seasons and I love the arm action and looseness and attacking mode he's in.  The stronger he's getting, the better he's locating.  I'd expect to see him pop up around 90 next summer.  His arm is that quick and easy. 6'0" 165, 3.70 GPA.  This kid breathes baseball and his dugout energy is always there.  Really enjoyed getting to be around Aiden. 

2019 RHP Logan Meyers, Yuba City HS - FB 82-84, strong bodied young pitcher with a really good overhand CB, aggressive nature on the mound (makes sense... that's how Yuba City players always seem to compete), also a solid hitter and infielder, but I think pitching his his future. 6'0" 201, 3.5 GPA.  

2019 RHP Kody Kent, Maria Carrillo HS - FB 82-85, also has an excellent change-up and good feel of an overhand CB.  You will also read about him among the top catchers and hitters at the event.  Long term, I like him as a position player but if you only saw him pitch, he's also a legitimate pitching prospect.  Three pitches with feel, aggressive, quietly confident and attacks the zone.  6'1" 191, 3.40 GPA

2019 RHP Bubba Gomez, Fremont Christian HS - FB 82-83, creates deception with delivery and arm action, definitely provides a different look for at team, good FB sink, complements that with a slippery breaking ball and good feel of a split-change.  Brings athleticism and some moxie to the mound, quite confident.  5'10" 175, 3.58 GPA

2019 LHP Garrett James, Fort Bragg HS - FB 78-81, velocity not quite there for what you'd think when you see him (6'3" 215), but he also exceeded my expectations with his feel of the zone and excellent use of a nice breaking ball.  He has good movement and he repeated his delivery well.  If he can loosen up a little bit (he's a strong young man, looks like a legitimate tight end), he might see a spike in the velocity.  Certainly worth knowing about, because I don't think anyone reading this is likely headed up to Fort Bragg anytime soon. 3.10 GPA

2019 Dominic Meza, Serra HS - FB 78-82, good quick arm, arm really showed up strong across the diamond, and I think long term he's a position player prospect (INF), but he does have a good arm and I am sure is still pretty young in terms of pitching experience and training.  Always good to know about strong arm young athletes, he's one of them.  5'10" 167, 3.30 GPA.