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BAWS 2020 Bits - Uncommitted 2022s - South Bay team

10/08/2020, 12:30pm PDT
By Blaine Clemmens

There are some INTRIGUING RHPs listed here


Stats not listed can be found w/in their PBR profile link. The notes, when referring to avg, plus, abv avg, middle of line-up hitter, etc, are relative to D1 baseball. Scroll down, the reports/snippets are organized by team (and number order on the roster).

South Bay Team (Red)

INF/C Tyson Smith (5'11" 165, L/R), St. Francis HS
The swing is controlled, he sees the ball well, short to it w/some barrel impact that increases each time we see him. Swing plays to all fields, handles velocity well while staying in the middle. Defense profiles best to 2B, can play 3B, receives well.

RHP Jacob Woods (5'9" 160), Monte Vista Christian HS
Not the biggest RHP but size doesn't always indicate stuff. Attacked the zone w/FB up to 81 w/max spin 2133. The CB is a second usable pitch and that max spin of 2290 is a good number. The CHG plays well off the FB, with fade in the zone.

OF/RHP Josh Cantwell-Nahrung (5'10" 160, R/R), Homestead HS
Lean frame, flashes talent both ways to give him more time to develop position or pitcher. FB up to 81 w/avg spin of 2314, a GOOD number for projecting velo gains, flashed feel of CB/CHG. Can improve consistency of contact in game ABs.

RHP Adam Stothard (5'11" 165), Los Altos HS
Strike thrower, athletic pitcher, has feel for his delivery& ability to manipulate the ball. Clean arm action will allow for steady velo gains as he gets stronger. Feel for three pitches (CB/CHG), each w/room for spin development. Competitive!

RHP Danny Peters (6'4" 235), Palo Alto HS
Has look of a country strong, power arm, reminiscent of young Brad Penny type. Given his young age and size he displayed good body control of the delivery, pounded the zone w/FB (84-87, max 2358 spin), also feel of hard-ish CB (75 mph).

RHP Zak Sullivan (6'0" 176), Woodside HS
There is some good stuff here though control of the zone has to improve to see him take the next step. Quick/strong arm, the max 2344 spin of FB up to 84 is a good indication for future velocity gains and he does flash feel of both CB & CHG.

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