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BAWS 2020 * Covid-19 Update 8/3/20

07/16/2020, 1:30pm PDT
By Blaine Clemmens

Plans are coming into focus for BAWS 2020 games

8/3/20 UPDATE:

We are getting closer to finalizing the location and dates for BAWS 2020 games. There is a strong likelihood of the games being hosted at Islanders Field in Lathrop. Before that can be finalized, the format of the games and the social distance guidelines for the facility have to be aligned. Please remain patient for a bit longer and I should have an announcement soon, perhaps as soon as Friday of this week. The dates are likely to be one of the last two weekends in August.

7/16/20 UPDATE:

Those reading this are very likely aware that the NCAA recruiting dead period for recruiting has been pushed out to August 31. I have been told with significant confidence that the deadline may get pushed even further, possibly to March 2021.

There are efforts being made to hold the BAWS games toward the end of August or possibly over Labor Day weekend (Sept 5-7). It is looking like the previous possibility of Islanders Field hosting games in August may not be feasible. 

That is the lay of the land today. I will continue to assess the landscape and see where we fit, so as to maximize the benefit for the players and the college coaches. Good news is that I have the ability to live stream the event, which is obviously a good thing and best we can do in lieu of no college coaches being allowed out on the recruiting trail.

Stay tuned.


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