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BAWS - A Parent's Point of View

06/03/2019, 3:30pm PDT
By Blaine Clemmens

It's always nice to know our attention to detail is noticed

It's not a my standard custom to post all the nice emails I get from parents and coaches and scouts regarding their experience at BAWS. However, some of the messages spell out EXACTLY what we aim to do for the players at BAWS.



With a full summer of baseball ahead, this (BAWS) was a great way to kick it off. 

This was a great event at a great venue. From a spectators point of view, it looked like the BAWS staff and River Islands staff actually cared about the kids and the the event... don't see that too much anymore. Too many events these days are just about collecting the money and taking care of the dudes they want to take care of. 

We look forward to attending future (events).

Hope you can actually get some rest after this weekend! 

Best Regards, 
Mike Haynes


We work hard to provide an equitable experience for each and every player, regardless of which high school or club team they play for and regardless of their level of talent, which varies from player to player.

We also aim to have only uncommitted players at the event, though this year we did have one committed player, a very good player who had a fun experience at BAWS 2018 and he and his family were insistent on coming back. We made a concession to have him (Nick Kresnak) but he was the ONLY committed player we had at the event.

In any case, thank you for providing us the chance to be part of your players' experiences and future opportunities in the game. Thank you to the college coaches who work hard and grind out tough schedules. Thank you to the umpires who bend to our unique game formats and still do a tremendous job.

Thank you for reading this.

Blaine Clemmens

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